Different Options For Modifying A 4X4 Vehicle

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People who like to go off roading are generally the type that love adventure. They will do anything that is exciting and can even get a little wild. It may not be easy to recognize an off road enthusiast by just looking at them, but it is a completely different story when you see their 4X4 vehicles. For most, their 4X4’s are ongoing projects that they are always trying to modify in order to enhance their driving experiences. There are many modifications that can be made in order to offer more strength, power, endurance and style to your 4X4.

Big Tires

This is usually the first modification that will be made and is probably one of the more important ones. Larger tires offer the vehicle more ground clearance for driving over things as well as more maneuverability. Two types of tires that are popular are bias and radial tires. The bias tires are perfect for situations where you will be riding trails, rock crawling and driving through mud. They are not, however, good for normal road use.

Changing The Vehicles Shocks

One of the next changes that off road enthusiasts will make to their off road vehicles are the shocks. There are many different kinds of shocks that can be used, and they are chosen based on the user’s needs. Because the off road vehicle will go through a lot of wear and tear, the shocks will need to be changed out on occasion. Some of the most popular types of shocks are:

•air shocks
The coilover shocks are the most popular choice in shocks because they are adjustable. You are able to adjust the height of them and in certain cases you are able to adjust the dampening to produce better handling.

Suspension Lift Kits

Another popular modification that off road enthusiasts do to their vehicles is installing 4wd suspension kits. A lift kit is basically a system that is made of springs that will help raise the vehicle. They work to lift the entire car including the frame, engine, power train and body way above the tires. These suspension lift kits are used to help reduce the jarring effects that can be caused by rough roads with lots of bumps. These kits can come with different types of springs. Some of the different types of springs include:

•coil springs
•air springs
•torsion bars
•lead springs

Rock Sliders

If your off roading includes driving over large rocks and boulders, then modifying your vehicles with some 4X4 rock sliders is very recommended. Rock sliders are basically one to two steel pipes that get installed onto the frame of the truck below and on the outside of the rocker panel where the body of the truck meets the undercarriage. If you get your vehicle stuck on a large rock, the sliders will keep your vehicle from getting dented.


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