Difference Between Men Women Biker’s Jackets

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We re noticing that lot of women bikes are taking interest in bike riding and The number of women bikers is growing rapidly. Motorcycle Industry Council states that there were around 1.3 million women bikers in the US in 2009. An increasing number of women bikers mean increasing number of accidents involving women. So, for protection and comfort of women bikers, manufacturing companies are launching a huge variety of motorcycle jackets for women. Undoubtedly,women jackets come in more stylish and pretty designs as opposed to men. They are made to ensure both safety and style.

Fitting Means with Women Jackets

Leather motorcycle jackets for women come in various sizes and shapes. They come with some fitting techniques to accommodate jacket size with women’s bodies if jackets don’t come fit to their bodies. For example, women jackets can be made fit by using belts which make over sized jackets look and feel better. If you don’t like belt system, then you can get a jacket with elastic that keeps the waist area tighter and makes the jacket look and feel perfectly fit. In addition, if you don’t like idea of elastic too, then you should get jackets with velcro built-in which prove to be useful,particularly together with a belt or elastic.



Huge Variety of Styles and Designs

There is no doubt in the fact that women love to brag about what they wear, seek attention of people and struggle to be noticeable in the crowd, particularly these days when number of women bikers is rapidly rising. Women Motorcycle Jackets have now emerged as effective way to have an opportunity to pronounce such standard of living. Women Bike jackets are available in huge range of color combination, designs, styles and sizes. Many of them are designed to hang loose, some are made to hold the body at the exact curves and put a sexy and eye-grabbing impression. Many are designed like trench coats to cover much skin. In a nutshell, the designs and styles versatilities for women jackets have surpassed designs and styles of men jackets. These jackets are also specially made in pink color for women. Such huge demands in designs and styles doesn’t affect on the quality of jackets.

Women Jackets VS Men Jackets

Women’s bodies are more delicate and soft than men. So, women need to pay more focus on comfort levels. The idea of style and design of both men and women is comparatively very different. Overall, women choose to make a delicately complex and inconspicuous style statement. Conversely, men make a macho statement about style. In addition, both have many differences when it comes to choosing colors and patterns. Men usually like heavy metal jackets in black. Conversely, women also usually wear green and pink motorcycle jackets women.

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