Diabetes in Senior Citizens

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Generally, elder people are more prone to several types of infections and health disorders due to the severe physiological changes in their body. Diabetes is one such highly common metabolic disorder that profoundly diagnosed in many senior citizens all over the world.

Diabetes is basically a kind of disorder related to the endocrine system and it mainly entails the complications related to the blood sugar level and its proper processing in the body. Diabetes results into higher blood glucose level due to the inappropriate synthesis of special hormone called insulin or its poor coordination with the other cells in the body. As a result, the total energy production in the body is also greatly affected due to the inappropriate supply of glucose to different organs of the body. The old aged people or say adults are mostly diagnosed with a particular type of diabetes called type 2 diabetes which is not at all an insulin dependent disorder. Type 2 diabetes is resulted due to the unhealthy lifestyle and various other risk factors such as, age, overweight condition, family history, lack of physical activities and likewise. The rate of occurrence of type 2 diabetes increases with the age.

Specific conditions that lead to diabetic condition

Adults or elder people are likely to get diabetes due to the presence of some definite conditions that are mentioned below:

  • People with 45 years of age or above are likely to get suffer from disorders like diabetes
  • The overweight condition is one of the major conditions known for resulting diabetic symptoms in an old aged people
  • If an individual are already diagnosed with heart complications or have faced heart attack in the past then they are more prone to metabolic disorders like diabetes
  • A patient belonging to a family in which two or three members are already suffered from diabetes then hereditary transfer of disease is another major factor for causing diabetes

Effects of diabetes on elder people

One devastating fact associated with diabetes in old aged people is that this particular disorder does not really reflect any prominent signs or symptoms in the patient. The general symptoms or signs of diabetes such as, frequent urination and uncontrolled thirst, etc. are not very common in the elder people. However, other few symptoms like tiredness and lethargic feeling are mostly neglected by considering them as normal complaints of old age. Diabetes in senior citizens quite often leads to the complications of various important organs in the body. The major organs like kidney, heart and eye have got maximum risks of being affected due to such metabolic disorder.

There are certain essential steps that can greatly help in lowering your risk of diabetes. For example, elder people should strictly get themselves checked at regular basis in terms of keeping a record of blood sugar level or any symptom of diabetes in their body. At the same time, they should ensure that all important vaccinations against possible infection or disease is taken because few of the diseases or infections are also responsible for causing severe diabetes in senior citizens. On the other side, old aged people should follow some precautionary measures in advance like they should get their cholesterol or triglycerides level checked in regular basis to maintain the moderate level of glucose in the bloodstream. At the same time, they should consume a healthy diet, do some regular physical activities and most importantly, be in regular contact of your doctor to receive adequate treatment and in right time.


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