Designing A Small Room

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With overcrowding in major cities becoming a huge problem, and a shortage of housing properties on the whole have been forced to get much smaller. Smaller spaces have thrown up new challenges for the urban dweller. Now its much harder for us to maintain a clear and uncluttered homes due to the fact we accumulate so much stuff over time, and our homes are inherently becoming smaller at the same time. Storage and decorating are two of the major problems with a small space, however it is possible to design a small space so it looks good and functions well. We’ve included our top styling tips for small places.

Think Structure

It’s easy for small spaces to appear cluttered and messy, but one way to avoid this is to open up the space as much as possible. Removing parting walls, opening up the kitchen where possible, and adding sliding doors will create the impression of a large room and these are easy to keep neat and tidy as they’ll have less nooks and crannies which can overtime attract clutter.

Think Creatively

The trouble with small houses is that most people don’t know how to get the best out of the available space. When faced with an odd corner think whether you can add an alcove or wall mounted shelf to act as storage. Inbuilt wardrobes are another way tricky space can be utilised too. Inbuilt storage is one of the best ways to reduce clutter and make a room appear larger than it is. Wherever you see a space which is slightly awkward or unused, ask yourself whether it’ll be a good place to add a piece of inbuilt furniture.

Natural Light

Lighting plays a very important role in the look feel and perception of a room. Letting in as much natural light as possible is one way to create the appearance of a larger room, and this is especially true in smaller flats and houses. Add extra windows where possible,  and open up garden doors and add corridor facing windows too. Letting lighting into staircases and corridors will immediately brighten up your house and create a more balanced space too.

Decorating a small room is tricky but it can be done if you’re willing to think creatively about the space you have. Hopefully our styling tips and advice will help and inspire you when you next decide to redesign your home.




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