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Depression is a psychiatric disorder showing symptoms such as persistent feelings of hopelessness, dejection, poor concentration, lack of energy, inability to sleep, and sometimes, suicidal tendencies. Most people, unemployed or employed, are prone to depression because of the problems in life such as problem at home, work, love life, studies and etc. In today’s generation, depression is mostly seen in teenagers and young adults of this era. It might be because of too much pressure by the parents and the professors at school. But did you know that depression could be treated? Yes, it could be. With the nature’s help, voila! Depression is treated in no time.

Natural depression treatment is now a trend to a growing number of people worldwide. The demand of the buyers to the market is increasing all the time. Most individuals prefer the use of natural herbal remedy than a prescription medication in curing depression because of a much cheaper price and of course, natural ones has lesser risks than conventional medicines that could cause side effects. Usually, herbs could also pose side effects to the body but it is easy to deal with them and they work naturally to our system.

Some of the known herbs for they have already proven their worth as to be effective natural depression treatment are the following.

First is the St. John’s Wort. This is good for a long-term treatment but it poses few side effects because this depression herb is of low-cost only.

Second is the Siberian Ginseng. This herb is the best choice for individuals who have emotional problems rather than just depression. It helps blood sugar levels and efficiency of neurotransmitters improve and regulate well. Siberian ginseng is not only very beneficial to the immune system but also to the overall mental health of an individual.

Third is Licorice.  It is a new discovered effective herb for depression but it has been tested and proven that it is more efficient than conventional medicines. It should be taken in a right amount and in a short period of time only in order to avoid the side effects such as headaches and fatigue. As it is a new herbal remedy, it is prescribed for use with a qualified professional in your assistance.

Fourth is Lavender. It is good for the nervous system as it helps an individual relax and increase his or her brain activity through its calming and soothing aroma.

Fifth is Peppermint. It is good for individuals who suffer from anxiety and indolence which are associated with depression because of its refreshing characteristic that could lift up one’s mood.

Sixth is Lemon Verbena. Like the peppermint, it improves one’s mood and relaxes an individual’s mind.

Seventh is Ginkgo Biloba. This herb is actually best recommended to the elderly. It also helps lift one’s mood and increase the blood flow to the brain.

Eight is Kava Kava. If an individual has a severe depression, this herb is thought to be the best herb of choice to use. The herb has generally a positive effect to one’s health as it also improves one’s mood and can induce a good sleep to an individual.

Ninth and lastly is Passionflower. This herb is good for individuals who have the inability to sleep because it has a natural sedative effect which soothes one’s mood to sleep and it relaxes the body. The good thing about this is its ability to be taken in combination with the other herbs.

But first, it is best to ask and seek for the assistance and advice of the qualified professional before taking these herbal remedies for depression. They might have lesser risks than the other medications but they have still the risk, whatever the risk and how small it might be, it is still a risk that could endanger one’s valued life.

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