Dental Implants In Fairfield CT

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Dental implants are an everyday practice today, for people who want to enhance their appearance with a warm and a perfect smile. Dental implants, a part of cosmetic dentistry, work towards repairing your teeth and overall appearance. It is an ideal treatment for anyone who is missing a tooth or who wants to be able to talk and smile without getting embarrassed. Clinics in the Fairfield have experienced dentists that specialize in implants and could be the solution to your dental dilemma.

What do Dental Implants do for your teeth?

Surprisingly, tooth loss can be quite a predicament for people. Aside from affecting self-confidence and your appearance, it can cause quite a lot of discomfort while you eat. Implants help overcome that problem altogether. Thousands of Americans suffer from this condition because of tooth decay, gum disease or damage to teeth.

The process involves the use of tooth roots that is made of titanium. These act as an effective base to attach and replace crowns (artificial teeth) or permanent teeth. Based on an individual’s dental condition, a person may have an attachment that connects a detachable denture instead of individual crowns. Dentures are removable replacement for missing teeth; a full denture is available when all the teeth are missing. A partial denture is for people who still have some natural teeth left.

Changes that make a difference

In the previous years, the only solution for a missing tooth was denture or bridges, now things have become a lot easier with implants. Some functional benefits include:

–   Enhanced durability- implants allow the replacement tooth or teeth to last for many years, if kept in excellent condition it can last for good.

–   Becoming part of your teeth-, Implants are a permanent solution; designed to merge with the bone, they feel like your natural teeth.

–   Avoiding the hassle of dentures- Unlike dentures, you do not need to remove your teeth and go through all that work to keep them in place. Implants make it convenient.

–   Better health, comfort and self-esteem- Implants not only help boost oral hygiene but it helps you regain that self-confidence to be able to smile without hiding your teeth.

–   Easier to eat- Dentures make it difficult to eat, with implants you can eat at ease without embarrassment or pain.

A large number of experienced and skilled dentists work on Dental Implants Fairfield CT. If you are suffering from a dental problem, it is high time you get a dental implant.


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