Daredevils & Gangstas—The 7 Most Brilliant Burglaries in History

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A lot goes into executing the massive heist as it takes months or even years of strategizing the unlawful act. The precision and the sophistication of these planned thefts, clearly authenticates the same and they continue to pose a mystery since it still awaits justice for most of these ingenuously planned acts.


Robbery in Kennedy Airport

Jimmy Burker, a burglar did not waste any time, the moment he got to know about the untraceable money amounted to US$5.8 million. He along with this accomplice overpowered the airport employees who had no choice but to help him in the act. Hence, he robbed 5.8 million dollars along with $875,000 jewels were stolen as well.

Kent Securitas Depot Robbery

Kent Securitas Depot became the unfortunate witness to a robbery where $92.5 million was stolen on the fateful day of 21st February 2006. The modus operandi clearly reflects on their extensive planning as they successfully tied fourteen staff members in the process.

Robbery in Antwerp Diamond Center, Belgium

Antwerp Diamond Center was also the attention of robbers due to its renowned uncut diamonds as the protagonist successfully managed to steal whopping 123 boxes out of 189. The robbery was the result of years of planning as Leonardo, a professional thief introduced himself as a diamond merchant only to gain trust of others.

Harry Winston Diamond Robbery, Paris

It was another planned robbery comprising of 4 thieves who stole whopping $108million. 3 robbers clad in women’s clothing assisted in the operation. There is a $1 million award but still there has not been any breakthrough.

Robbery in Heathrow Airport, England

26th November 1983 was a black day for the warehouse staff of Heathrow Airport in England as they witnessed a theft. The magnitude of the robbery can be gauged from the fact that ten tons of gold bullion was stolen which was priced at £26 million.

Robbery in Dunbar Armored, USA

13th September 2007 proved to be an ill-fated day for Dunbar Armored, USA.  Even the cleverest minds make silly mistakes and the executor Allen Pace after robbing, did the blunder by giving money to the associate which has original cash stamps. Therefore, the crime was unearthed after it was reported to the police.

Beach sand was stolen

This is a theft of a different kind where the sheer amount of greed of the robbers necessitated them in stealing the entire sand of Jamaican beach in 2008. The sand could have easily filled five hundred trucks. Can it get any insane than this? Not, for sure. Isn’t it?

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