Crooked Teeth

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Some people teeth grow crooked overlapped or twisted which crowds the teeth and causes the teeth to shift and some people can also have protruding upper or lower jaw. These crooked teeth are usually a inherited trait. But other reasons can be improper dental restorations, too small jaw to accommodate the teeth, misalignment of jaw after severe facial injury, undue pressure on the teeth or tumors of mouth or jawor people suffering from gingivitis etc. Children having a habit of thumb sucking or prolonged use of bottle also develop protruding jaws.


People having the crooked teeth face various problems like

  • improper chewing
  • Strain develops on teeth, jaws, muscles thus increasing the risk of tooth breakage.
  • Requires more maintenance of teeth cleanliness as in this case the teeth become more prone to germs, cavities and gingivitis.
  • Distorted teeth makes people conscious about there looks thus decreasing there self confidence.

One can know whether his /her tooth is crooked or not by

  • Dental checkup
  • Abnormal alignment of teeth
  • Abnormal appearance of face
  • Discomfort in chewing
  • Difficulty in speech

For proper treatment one has to go a orthodontist- a dentist who has specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of crooked or misaligned teeth.

The orthodontist will likely take x-rays, photographs of face and teeth impressions. This helps in deciding the treatment type which is required. X-ray provides information about the position of teeth and roots and every other morphological aspect of the teeth. The orthodontist takes all these photographs just to study the relationship between teeth, gums and face. During the treatment the orthodontist even takes photos on regular basis just to compare the improvement obtained due to treatment, in comparison to the photos taken before treatment.

Once all the test results are obtained, the orthodontist decides the best treatment. Treatment can include removal of one or two teeth if overcrowding is the problem. Even people can use braces which cure if the jaws are protruding inward or outward. In rare cases where the condition is very crucial operation is done. There are often treatment where the entire upper and lower jaw teeth set can entirely fixed properly thus not only solving the crooked teeth problem but also makes the person look beautiful.


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