Cosmetic Dentistry: Getting that perfect smile

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Your smile is just not good enough. Your teeth and your gums don’t make your smile look appealing which makes you upset. Is that what you feel? Why put up with the imperfection? Then maybe it is time to explore the new area of dental care which is going around the market called cosmetic dentistry. This is the future of the dental care market which beautifies your appearance and rebuilds your confidence.


The Macquarie Street Centre for Dental Implants and aesthetic dentistry in Sydney CBD provides you with the best quality dental care and development available in the industry. Dr. David Dunn, one of the leading dentist Sydney CBD who make sure that you get the best possible dental health care which tends to your needs making it long-lasting and effective. The treatment incorporates brand new dental health care facilities and clinical research.


To make your understanding better here are two important branches of development dentistry:


a)      Prosthodontics: This stream is about the diagnosis, treatment, recovery and maintenance that pertain to cosmetic dentistry. The top most priorities in this case is the oral health of the patient which takes into account missing teeth, appearance and also comfort.

b)      Orthodontics: This again is different stream that focuses on the treatment of the bites which may be caused by irregular jaw lines or irregular teeth. This branch basically focuses on the aesthetic development of the patient’s facial appearance.


The clinicians at The Macquarie Street Centre for Dental Implants and aesthetic dentistry in Sydney CBD are highly skilled and aim at complete mouth rehabilitation. They practice preventative dentistry along with cosmetic dentistry. The main objective is to give you that perfect smile that you always craved for.  This includes repairing your teeth or gums that involves adding other materials to your teeth or gums like porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns and bridges, bonding agents, gum grafts and dental implants Sydney CBD. Cosmetic dentistry also includes teeth whitening which has become a very popular as it is a simple yet effective method of improving your appearance.

The health of the patient is also given top priority and thus the use of porcelain which has no mercury content unlike its metal counterparts and the adhesive used is also an organic compound made of resins.


The clinicians here are the world’s best ceramists and the technical support is internationally recognized to be Australia’s finest in-house laboratory treatment. The Centre does not only treat but also teach where the dentists frequently conduct seminars and lectures in and out of the nation on new and various developing researches that they continuously doing on cosmetic and implant dentistry. The special benefit of a Macquarie Street Centre treatment is that you get tailor-made treatment which tends to your requirement and wishes. For the past thirty years the Centre has been prioritizing the patients’ needs where you get a completely personalized treatment process that aims at your long-lasting dental health in an environment that makes you comfortable and keeps you at ease.


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