Common Jet Ski Buying Mistakes to Avoid

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A jet ski is a definitely a big investment for any person. Unlike other purchases such as cars, RV’s or boats, people do not know much about what to look for when buying a jet ski, particularly when they are buying it for the first time. Let’s have a close look at common jet ski buying mistakes to avoid and ways to get the best deal.

Newbies should avoid buying new Jet Skis

Unless you have considerable experience in running jet skis, you should not invest in new ones. There is a learning curve in this watercraft, and it’s best to make mistakes with the cheapest machine!

Forgetting the number of riders

There are single rider jet skis that are best for single rider. However, if there are other people in the family interested in riding jet skies, then you should opt for a two person, or a three person model depending upon your needs.

Buying a protection plan without reading the warranty

Most of the manufacturers offer product production plans spanning 2-4 years. However, signing a contract without reading the fine print is the biggest mistake people make when buying new Jet skis. When you are getting excellent warranty coverage, there is no need to waste money on extra protection.

Not considering the maintenance costs

Marin parts are quite expensive. While most of the buyers only consider the cost of the machine, newbies forget the filter and oil changes are also part and parcel of jet skies ownership. It’s usual to spend $100 or more on the maintenance of four stroke engine.

Taking a DIY approach

Unless you have extensive experience in maintaining jet skis, you should avoid doing that yourself. Most of the newbies think that as they do oil changes in their car, they can also do the work on jet skis. Also, buying an equipment like e.g. jet ski anchors without additional online research is not a wise decision, it may cost you a lot more of $$ without research.  However, there’s a world of difference between a car and jet skis. Any mistake and you may end up paying hundreds of dollars on painful cuts and replacement parts.

Having your jet skis delivered

The most common jet ski buying mistakes to avoid is deferring the learning curve. You should not buy them unless you have a trailer, and know ways to hook it properly to the tow vehicle. There is no use buying a monstrous 3 seater if you have a trailer that can handle just one seater machine! Also, you should not struggle to put the machine on trailer yourself as there is a sales person to help you if you need assistance.

Skimping on the Jet Skis covers

Latest jet skis have air openings that can get damaged due to debris and bird droppings. Also, the finish of the machine may fade due to sun. Therefore, by tight fitting jet ski cover that has been custom made for the machine you are buying.

Spending too much money on extras that you’d won’t need

Though you may need an oval-edged impeller, but do you really need supercharged induction? Do you know that a lot of one seater models have none, but still they are as cool as other machines? So don’t spend money on items that you won’t need or won’t improve the performance of your machine.


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