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imagesHave you been hurt on the job, or as a result of the negligence of someone else? Have medical or accident related bills caused financial hardship for you and your family? If so, you likely have a lawsuit on your hands. When looking for one of the best Colorado law firms who specialize in personal injury, Bachus and Schanker is a law firm to trust. While some firms may be diverse and have several partners who may specialize in specific fields of law, Bachus and Schanker take pride in knowing all they do is personal injury representation.

Comfortable Process

Personal injury law is governed by a complex set of laws and insurance liabilities. Because of the complexity, Bachus and Schanker have an entire staff devoted to helping you and your family through the insurance claim process after an accident. When working on your claim, the attorneys of Bachus and Schanker work by your side answering any questions you have as they arise. They won’t move forward with any claim unless you are completely confident and comfortable with the process. “With a full staff of competent and skilled attorneys, you can be sure that your case will be thoroughly and completely researched and studied.  If it goes to litigation, we will represent you 100 percent of the way,” said Bachus.

Each case involving personal injury is just that, personal.  The details and aspects of each case require separate counsel, so it is well advised to make an initial appointment for free first-time consultation.  It is then that Bachus and Schanker can determine if you have a case in Colorado. It is the goal of Bachus and Schanker to help every client realistically pursue and more importantly, gain their monetary right following an injury.

Experience You Can Trust

Experience has taught Bachus and Schanker that working with large insurance corporations can be challenging. Insurance corporations are good at what they do, if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be where they are today. While your insurance company is there when you need it, someone else’s insurance company is going to do everything they can to fight your claim, even if they insure the responsible party. Bachus warns: “Too often with insurance claims and dealing with large insurance corporations, the first thing they want the injured party to do is settle and sign papers.  We recommend doing neither until you meet with one of us or our staff to determine what is best for you and your interests.”

Because most clients of personal injury attorneys have never been through the process of filing this type of claim, the process is full of uncertainty and confusion. The attorneys of Bachus and Schanker take pride in their ability to help their clients navigate the uncertain waters of the process. Personal injury attorneys do not work on a fee basis like many attorneys.  They only are paid if you or your family or estate wins the case.  This means the staff and attorneys of Bachus and Schanker work for you and for your best interests.

If Bachus and Schanker sound like they might be a right fit for you, contact any of our Colorado offices today. With offices located in Denver, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs there is sure to be an office close to you. Don’t waste any more time watching your hard earned money going to accident related expenses, contact Bachus and Schanker today and get the money you are entitled to.




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