Cloud Storage Benefits for Small Businesses

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To access information at the right time is quite an indispensable requirement for every business entity. The reason is that a lot of important decisions are based on the provision of timely information, which is why the business entities need a solution that cloud computing is offering to them.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is basically an online data storage facility where data is stored at multiple servers and can be accessed from anywhere with ease. The best part of using this storage facility is that your data will remain safe from theft and file sharing will become quite easy.To make sure your information is safe, check out the best cloud storage with unlimited capacity.

Myths Related to Cloud Storage

You will be amazed to know that almost 36% of small business enterprises are not using cloud storage despite of all convenience it offers to them. Do you know why? It is just because of the few myths popular about cloud storage. The details are as follows:

Myth # 1: Too Expensive

It is one of the biggest myths based on which small businesses do not prefer cloud storage.

Advantage # 1: Economical to Afford

However, it is not right. Few years back, when cloud storage facility was introduced, it was expensive because of limited resources but now, with the increasing competition, the price of cloud storage is going down and it has become possible for every small business enterprise to afford it with ease.

Myth # 2: Not Secure

Many small business entities think that cloud storage is not secure.

Advantage # 2: High Level Security

Here you need to understand that many vendors just resell space, which is not secure at all. Cloud storage is absolutely secured but for this, you will have to find a vendor that has SSAE 16 or SAS 70 Type. Make sure that your selected vendor has compliance certificates and he must practice data protection processes.

Myth # 3: Too Slow

It is another myth that cloud storage is slow and all the access is dependent on its upload and download bandwidth.

Advantage # 3: Enjoy Maximum bandwidth

If you are one of those small business enterprises, which is not availing cloud storage just because of its limited bandwidth then here is good news for you. Now you can enjoy maximum bandwidth but for this, you just have to take services from a reputable and professional vendor, who will let you know how to access maximum bandwidth in which hours.

Myth # 4: Only for Big Companies 

Many business entities also think that cloud storage is just for big enterprises, which is not right indeed.

Advantage # 4: Best for Small Business Enterprises

You will be amazed to know that cloud storage facilities are capable of facilitating the small business enterprises as well. For this, you just have to access the right vendor.

Beside all these advantages, there are many other benefits, which are associated with cloud storage and because of which every small business enterprise must consider this facility. The details of these benefits are as follows:

  • Easy Internal and External Transfer

Cloud storage has made it easy for the users to share the files internally as well as externally, which is an indispensable need of every business entity. The best part is the ease of accessing the shared files. For example, one of your clients wants to access some large information file and it will take a lot of time to transfer it to him. What will you do in such a situation? The best is to give him access to your file by sending him the link from where he can download the file with ease.

  • Work from Anywhere

Cloud storage facility allows accessing the stored data from anywhere, which makes it easy for the entrepreneur to conduct his business activities at his ease.

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