Cigarettes Smoking – A Serious Issue Which Causes Migraine

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Smoking is one of the dangerous addictions you can ever have in your life. According to the recent study carried out by a famous institute, the users, both mane and women is at the peak for the last one decade. Smoking can cause life threatening illnesses such as lung cancer, respiratory problems and major cardiovascular diseases. Studies say that majority of the deaths in the United States are due to tobacco smoking.


What Is Migraine?

Migraine is a throbbing pain, which arises in the centre portion of the head. It is different from other headaches, as it is a continuous process and causes sensitivity towards light and sound. It could last for several hours or days. Migraine is a not only a genetic diseases, but also it can be triggered by smoking.

Who Suffers From Migraine?

Mostly women suffer from migraine, especially during their menstrual cycles, as there are hormonal changes taking place in their bodies. Men too suffer from it. This illness can occur at any age. However, youngsters mainly experience this kind of pain due to excessive smoking. Studies state that use of tobacco has been adding to the number of people having migraine. During puberty, when a number of hormonal changes take place in the body, smoking could cause a serious medical condition.

Connection between Smoking and Migraine

The major component of tobacco is Nicotine. It causes stimulation in the blood vessels of the brain leading to constriction. This constriction contributes to severe pain in the head. According to the recent study conducted by the National Foundation of Headache, more than 35million people in the United States have migraine. They are highly sensitive to strong smell and tobacco smoke. Burning of tobacco gives out carbon monoxide, a powerful agent, which causes headache and can trigger migraine.

How Does Smoking Contribute To Migraine And Headaches?

  • Smoking gives out carbon monoxide, which increases the levels of blood in brain and the blood vessels. The condition is similar to getting a pain when closed in a furnace.
  • It reduces the oxygenation levels in blood as well. The red blood cells present in the blood stream stop functioning die to consumption of less oxygen. The mitochondria in the cells stop working and the RBC collapses. This in turn constricts the tissues, and it gives rise to this condition.
  • Nicotine is highly toxic for the function of your brain. It also interferes in the metabolism of the liver, which does not allow the medicines taken for headache to show positive effect.
  • Smoking impacts the smooth circulation of blood, which can cause cardio vascular problems. It could also lead to stroke.

Some common factors that trigger migraine apart from smoking are:

  1. Stress
  2. Insomnia
  3. Irregular meals
  4. Too bright lights
  5. Continuous television watching
  6. Noise pollution
  7. Excessive sunlight
  8. Hormonal problems in females
  9. Weather and climate changes
  10. Bad odors

How Migraine Can Be Prevented:

When you experience recurring headaches and migraine attacks due to smoking, it is recommended to reduce the amount of cigarettes per day, and if possible to quit this habit completely. Avoid being a passive smoker as well. If a person has lit a cigarette in front of you, then try to avoid inhaling the smoke and leave the place till it is finished. You could also request the person not to light a cigarette, as you have migraine. Furthermore, you could avoid using strong fragrances. Keep a note of your daily diet and watch out for the food items that gives rise to this issue.

You can either be a part of anti smoking treatment program or try e-cigarettes. It an electronic inhaler just like any other cigarette, but it is not harmful.

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