Can Weight Loss Supplements Really Help?

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While the road to a thinner body should be paved with the dual aims of better eating habits and regular exercise, many people feel that they need some additional assistance. The dietary pill is a common crutch used in these scenarios as the compounds within promise that your fat will simply melt away after consumption. A large majority of these substances fail to deliver, however, and some, such as ephedra, can even put you at risk of heart attacks, strokes and more. Because of this, it is always recommended to do your research before taking any kind of weight loss supplement. To help you start though, here are some of the most effective when it comes to helping you shed those kilograms.


Although results have been mixed, there have been numerous studies which link calcium to weight loss. Some theories suggest that the substance might have a role in the breakdown and storage of body fat. Others hypothesise that it is the actual dairy products providing us with various nutrients that encourage a lower body mass. Whatever the actual cause, consuming milk, yoghurt and cheese is certainly beneficial. As long as you choose low-fat dairy products, you may as well see if consuming calcium on a regular basis has the specific weight loss effects you’re looking for.


Losing the kilos is simply a matter of eating less. To do this, you’ll need to eat something that makes you feel full faster. Fibre is certainly recommended here as it sits in your stomach for a lot longer. This will delay your hunger pangs, causing you to avoid snacks and hence decrease your weight. Make sure to introduce this added fibre to your diet slowly. Also drink plenty of water as excess levels of fibre can cause constipation. With the right planning though, fibre is an effective way to gain a slimmer figure.


As one of the only medicines on this list, Orlistat has plenty of data to back up its status as a weight loss supplement. It is used in drugs such as Alli and Xenical, both of which can be purchased from Prescription2Home and other online pharmacies. This over-the-counter medication has been shown to block 25% of any fat consumed from being absorbed by your body. This means that a quarter of all fat eaten passes through you without being stored for later. It can have side effects in some people though, so you should ask for advice before taking.

Green Tea Extract

Another substance that boasts mixed research results is green tea extract. Some studies suggest this natural compound can help with weight loss by raising your body’s resting calorie burn rate, basically increasing your use of energy throughout the day. Other studies have failed to find a link between green tea and fat burning, however. Since this organic substance has other benefits though, ranging from improving your antioxidant levels to decreasing your blood pressure, there is no harm in testing whether it can indeed help you lose those kilograms as desired.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Although CLA is a fat itself, numerous studies have shown that it can be used to help people lose weight as well. It occurs naturally in red meat and dairy products, and can also be purchased as a supplement. When taken, it helps to shed the kilos and increase your lean body mass. Since its structure is similar to certain trans-fats though, there are some health concerns that accompany this dietary pill. To avoid any unwanted side effects, please talk to your doctor before deciding to take CLA for a slimmer physique.

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