Can I prevent my dog from getting fleas?

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Protecting your dog from fleas can be a time-consuming task, but that doesn’t mean that your efforts won’t be worthwhile. Since these insects are so tiny and able to jump long distances, your dog might bring home a hitchhiker or two after a walk, even if you’re only outside for a few minutes. Certain pet care products like flea collars, drops and sprays can help deter fleas from choosing your canine companion as their host.


Topical flea treatments

Regularly taking preventative steps to protect your dog from fleas can go a long way. Topical treatments such as sprays and drops have long-lasting effects that will continue to ward off fleas for as many as 30 days after you apply them. The products absorb into your dog’s skin and fur and work to eradicate any fleas that may jump onto your pet. Sprays and drops are designed to kill fleas in all stages of life, so if a full-grown flea manages to lay its eggs, of which it can lay 40 to 50 in a day, the spray or drops will wipe them all out to ensure that the fleas won’t continue to plague your dog. Make sure to incorporate this treatment into your routine to avoid gaps in coverage that can leave your pet vulnerable to flea infestations.


Flea collars

Flea collars are a tried-and-true method of flea prevention and protection, and they’re perhaps the easiest to apply. All you have to do is snap the collar onto your canine companion and he will be protected. The collar itself is infused with flea treatments that slowly disperse along your pet’s body, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. You may prefer this treatment to sprays or drops because it lasts longer, typically up to seven months. It works in much the same way as other pet treatment options by killing any fleas that land on your dog and any eggs they may lay. You might not be able to stop fleas from hitching a ride on your pooch, but you can prevent them from infesting your home or getting your dog sick.


Home protection

In addition to looking after your dog’s flea prevention needs, you should also consider products that can protect your home and yard. You can find yard and kennel sprays that can kill off any fleas that try to make their way onto your property on their own. Even if you do this, you should still protect the inside of your home. Carpet powder can be sprinkled around your home to kill any fleas or eggs that manage to get past your front door, and there are sprays for upholstery as well. In addition to using these products, vacuum regularly, as this can scoop up any of these parasites that might have evaded your other flea treatment methods.



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