By the Numbers: What Bad Habits are Costing You

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By the Numbers What Bad Habits are Costing YouHuman beings are creatures of habit. We tend to easily fall into a routine and stick with it until we’re forced to change. Sometimes, it can be a beneficial aspect to our lives; a complimentary facet of our humanity. At others, however, it can be much more negative. And these negative habits will cost you.
When we’re told that we’ll have to pay for our bad habits, we usually think of it in intangible terms. However, our bad habits can be measured definitively too. They all have a significant negative financial impact on our lives. Here are three of the most common bad habits and what they’ll cost people in the long run.


There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with partying. Life is short and, as far as we know for certain, we’re only guaranteed one of them. It’s perfectly fine and reasonable to enjoy yourself. It becomes an issue, though, when it’s all that you know. When the party life is the only life you lead, you’re guaranteed to suffer. Plus, your wallet will hate you.

Let’s say you go out clubbing/partying three to four times a week for fifty weeks out of the year. A single week to party hard can be fun, but fifty of them? It’s excessive. Assuming that you’d spend roughly 17 dollars a night (an extremely conservative measure), you’ll lose about 50 dollars a week. Over the course of 50 weeks, that’s $2,500 a year.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the most pressing social issues we face today. Many people are so into their chosen vice that they’re unable to consider just how much it’s costing them financially. The amount varies depending on the drug. However, the numbers still range pretty high. Looking at a legal drug (cigarettes), we can see the principal played out. The average cost for a pack of cigarettes in the United States last year was 7 dollars. Many are pack a day smokers. Over a year, this adds up to nearly $2,600. And illicit drugs cost even more.

Junk Food

This is perhaps the world’s favorite vice. Many of us enjoy food. It sustains and nourishes us, but it can also taste delicious. Eating loads of junk food, however, will only cost us in the long run.
Many people believe that it’s cheaper to buy unhealthy foods than healthier alternatives. Statistically, this is actually false. People continue to buy though. And it’s costing us all a fortune. People who are obese spend over $1,500 more a year on healthcare alone– not even the cost of food.

Author Bio: Annabelle wrote this with Stanley Martinson who suggests you Read about it here. They both educate about the negative impact of drugs.


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