Break Means No Full Stop

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When there is zeal and a burning passion to go for something; absolutely nothing can put a fence in your journey. Scuba divers, who have that eagerness to go and explore the extra mile they always do that no matter what, then they hardly think of any obstruction may come on their way and take the chance on the basis of their strong instinct. Deep diving can really introduce you with the highest peak of self satisfaction and self meditation. During the deep dive one can feel every moment of their existence as no sound can reach him/her and makes every moment vibrating with uttermost inner peace.


We all know that it is an amazing experience to go through; nevertheless, if you are not cautious about the real technique to go deep down and enjoy the adventure it could create a bump on the road. Medical check-up and physical and mental fitness is the supreme priority when you have decided to dive deep. Once you are underwater, you are bound to face a few challenges; like high pressure of water, breathing of high volume of nitrogen; which can be proven lethal if you are not adhering to the specific guidelines. One of the greatest fears any scuba diver could have is bends along with few others.

Before plunging into diving session, there are some restrictions like if you have sinus, cold & flu, heart problem, or if you are pregnant etc you are not permitted to go for a dive.  With sinuses or cold, it won’t allow getting enough equalization of air spaces with the water pressure. The precautions which can be taken before diving is called Pre- dive physical examination. In this session the London hyperbaric diving doctors will make sure whether you have any history of heart or lung diseases, tend to “black-out”, nausea or vomiting habit, and smooth breathing ability is very necessary, as abnormality in breathing can make you take fatal decisions.

But sometimes, after adhering every guideline  you can get affected by the bends, if you come to the surface line within a very short span of time after diving a longer time under deep water. These things happen notably out of extreme excitements or some call of real urgency at that point of diving. If you have bends , it is easily treatable by going through a decompression chamber session at diving medical institutions. Diving doctors can guide you how can you come down the level of nitrogen to normalcy and prevent the further sufferings.

The concept of decompression chamber may sound scary, but it is the most convenient way to get back to your normal life and chase your passion of diving again. Sometimes it may take a week or more, if your bends are in real serious condition, but avoiding symptoms and go on to the deep diving can make it worse. It is wise to remember that a short hiatus cannot harm your passion , but a long avoidance can put you through a lot of pain and terminate your passion for deep diving forever.


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