Best Payment Options For Your Dental Implants

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Dental implants are the science of restoring a missing tooth or teeth as well as provide a substitute for patients who have bridges or partial denture. This process is done by periodontist.

There are dental insurance coverage policies that cover implants, but the price tags for these surgical processes are coming down as a result of healthy competition. If installation of your implant can’t wait for prices to go down, you can consider the following payment options:

1. You can apply to your bank, credit card or other lender or credit associated to your home or other factual assets to underwrite your dental implants. You may use another lender for this process to bank the work. If you line of credit card is guaranteed by real-estate, you can get tax write-off on the interest you paid. If you file an itemized tax return, you can ask your accountant about writing off all or just a part of your dental implant surgery.

2.  Ask your dentist if he /she offers a no- or low-interest payment plan. You must know that some of the dental experts work with banks to offer credit to patients in return for business volume. These are extremely interest-free. You can ask for the paperwork from your dentist to apply for their financing program, but never sign anything until you check other choices to be sure you’re getting the best business.

3. You can borrow cash from your relative with the understanding that you’ll pay them back with interest. You can have promissory note to attest with your agreement. Bring your checkbook with you when you are ready to make payment and if your dentist can give you discount for your full payment.

4. Apply for a zero-interest credit card that’s to be used only for paying your dental implant. Divide the cost by the number of months for which the card collects no interest and pay that cost each month.  You will then notice that by the end of the year, your implants is paid off and your credit score will be improved as a result of your timely payments.

5. You can get a credit card that’s exclusively for medical and dental purposes. These cards offer credit limits compatible with credit scores, so even a large bill like $25,000 for example, can be put on this type of card and financed over three, six, 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. Some plans are interest-free or the longest ones are interest-bearing. This type of credit is especially useful and positive if you’re having your entire mouth or dental implants Tijuana done.




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