Best Crime Shows On TV

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Best Crime Shows On TVIt seems that today there are a lot of different crime shows on TV. You might stay up late at night asking yourself which one should I watch or maybe you are confused by all the different CSI shows are on and wonder when they will be coming to your home town. There are plenty of thrillers out there that will keep you glued to the TV and will make you want more! However, and sadly there are a lot more terrible crime shows then good ones. Here are a list of crime solving shows that you will most likely fall in love with!


This show is a great show for the whole family! Granted sometimes there are some pretty nasty looking dead bodies that your children might not need to see. This is a clean show and they have strong family views that you can raise your children on. Also there is enough sexual tension with Booth and Bones that it will just drive you insane and wanting more out of it. Check this one out on netflix and you will fall in love with all 7 seasons that are available.


You probably have heard of Dexter at least once. This show is a totally different view on what is good and what is evil and what should be done to bad people who get away with the crimes that they committed. Dexter was raised by a strong figure father who also doubled as a cop and taught him all the ways that you can get away with murder. So Dexter ventures out capturing all the bad guys and disposing all the bodies. Also have I mentioned yet that he also works with the police with his sister? Yeah it gets pretty intense…

Law & Order:

This one is a classic and you just cant go wrong with this one. The sound effects are classic with that *don don* or however you would spell it out. They have been running on TV now more than most 20 year olds and have seen just about every kind of case there is imaginable. That however does not mean that this is a entertaining show for the whole family.

CSI… Any of them:

These are entertaining but not the best shows out there. They are one of those good “nothing else is on TV” kind of shows. They have had so many different versions and episodes now I think anything is possible in them. They probably have to use a lot of carpet cleaning in Temecula during a crime scene. Who knows those anything is possible with these shows and the many versions of it. Just remember to pack 20 pair of sunglasses while watching CSI: Miami so you can play along with David Caruso.

CSI Miami

Hopefully this small list is helpful for you and some friends. These shows are all entertaining and you will enjoy them. If not good luck with finding what best floats your boat!


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