Benefits of Getting a Post Pregnancy Massage

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As a new mother, you need to take good care of yourself in order to recover quickly and get your strength back. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is getting a post pregnancy massage. This massage is specially meant for women who have just delivered a baby. Many women begin getting a full body massage immediately after they leave the hospital. However if you have a caesarean section, it’s advisable that you wait for a while until your wounds are completely healed. This should take a week or 2, but make sure your doctor confirms you are ready for this.

There are many benefits of post pregnancy massages. You are able to relieve your sore spots, relax your tense muscles, increase joint mobility, rejuvenate yourself and improve the blood circulation. Read on to see more benefits of getting a post pregnancy massage.


Benefits of Post Pregnancy Massage

1.A post pregnancy massage can help reduce the sore spots and also relax muscle tension. During the process of childbirth, your body gets strained; this is especially the abdomen, hips and your lower back. A massage can help increase blood flow and oxygen flow to the muscles and therefore eliminate toxins that make you sore.

2.Your body is able to release endorphins; these are natural pain relievers secreted by the brain.

3.Your body gets back to normal. The stroking and kneading action helps to tone and also tighten all the stretched body parts such as the tummy. It also helps lighten stretch marks.

4.The body is able to release oxytocins. Oxytocins helps trigger the milk ejection reflex that pushes milk out of your nipple, this makes it easy for you to breastfeed. The more a mother breastfeeds, the more the milk she produces. With the help of a breast massage, blocked ducts are opened, all the hardened areas are made loose and your risk to mastitis is low.

5.If you have had a caesarean section, you can have a post pregnancy massage once your cut is healed. The scar tissues can be massaged to soften and smoothen out the scar. This also increases the internal healing process. It also prevents organs and other body tissues, meant to separate, from getting stuck to each other. For the best results, start your scar tissue massages within 14 weeks of delivery.

6.Post pregnancy massage also helps deal with baby blues and postpartum depression. Experts say that massage is a great stress buster.

How to Make Time for a Post Pregnancy Massage

After the arrival of your baby, life gets very busy. You have to feed the baby, clean the baby and take care of yourself. With all these chores, you need to plan on how you will create time for your massage.

The first thing you need to do is ask for help; ask your mother, husband or any other trusted relative to look after your baby while you get a massage. After making sure the baby is okay, pick the right time to get your massage. If possible try to get the massage immediately after you have fed and changed your baby.

Look for a good masseuse. She should be qualified and have experience in post pregnancy massage. You can check the schools she attended and what she specialized in. For example, in a country like Australia, there are many colleges that massage courses in Adelaide, and so it’s important that you choose the one who specializes in post pregnancy massage. After this, plan your schedule ahead. Talk to your masseuse and plan and ahead with her. Book an appointment and try to make your massage at home. Most masseuses who specialize in post delivery massages usually perform the massage at their client’s home.

If you have any skin problems, any medical complications, high blood pressure or a hernia, avoid getting a massage since it may be very risky. Always make sure you consult your doctor before getting a post pregnancy massage.


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