Beer – From a Woman’s Perspective

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Have you ever wondered why guys love drinking beer? This question has long haunted my head for as long as I can remember. During my early childhood years, my Mom would get all grouchy whenever my Dad would go out with his drinking buddies on a Friday night. She’ll usually stand in front of the old grandfather clock and would take me or my brother and storm all the way to my father’s favorite bar when it was already time for him to go back home. Fortunately, my father’s the understanding type of guy, so it doesn’t take too long before he stands up and we all go back home.

Of course, I tried asking my Dad about why he loves drinking beer, amidst my mother’s shocked expression. Unfortunately I never got my answer every time I tried, because my dad would just laugh. Oh well, kids do ask the darnest things, right?

Well, I’m already a grown up and I have started living on my own here in San Diego, but my curiousity about this particular drink only grew stronger. Sure, I drank wine, tequila and a bunch of other alcoholic drinks, but not beer. Girls have a strong reason not to; it’s a guy thing. Also, some girls don’t really appreciate the fact of a girl drinking beer while she’s hanging out in a bar. Besides, beer is strongly advertised as a masculine object. Have you seen beer ads that is pointed out to women? Of course not! Most beer ads on television or in the Internet have sexy female models, so if you’re a girl and you appreciate beer products, beershirts and all other kinds of beer items, I bet people would assume that you are getting it for your boyfriend or brother!

Beer – It’s A Guy Thing?

Have you ever seen a woman’s magazine with a Budweiser ad inside the pages? I don’t think so.

Even the whole process of making beer is a man thing. It’s interesting to note that most brewery employees consist of men; less than one percent of the employment force are women. Well duh! In brewing companies, women are placed either in marketing or in advertising. Most of the guys are placed under production, wholesale and retail. I should know because I’ve been inside a brewing factory a few months ago together with a good friend of mine.

However, this wasn’t always the case in the past. In ancient Egypt, women do the brewing thing and the men were the ones who get to drink the stuff during celebrations. Maybe this is one good reason why women hate beer that much!

Of course, there are some rare cases where some women enjoy drinking craft beer along with their partners. But this does not apply to everyone. I guess it all depends on how guys get to convince their girlfriends into drinking beer. And I only know a few guy friends who were successful in this endeavor!

My Actual Experience

While some of my friends love drinking the sweet, fruity beers, they still despise that rancid, bitter flavor that men really love about beer. With that I eventually raised a challenge to my friends and we girls all tried drinking beer. At first, I was quite confident that it wasn’t going to be that bad, since the appearance was encouraging. The beer was placed inside a cork-and-caged bottle. It was the type that looked really elegant on a dining table. However, all hell broke loose when I tried tasting it. It was indeed awful. Unfortunately, we all had to finish the stuff, which was probably expensive because the friend who got it urged us to clean up the bottle.

We did finish the entire bottle but not after several trips to the bathroom.I know for one that I am never drinking beer again.

And with that, my curiousity has finally been quelled.


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