Basic Treatment for Wounds And Boils

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When it comes to wounds like burns and boils, it is absolutely paramount that they be properly cleaned, disinfected, and dressed to prevent bacteria or infection from growing. If dirt or dust particles have found their way into the wound, then there is a much greater risk of infections because of bacteria. Wash any debris and dried blood out from a newly formed wound so that there will be nothing irritating the underlying tissue of the skin. A simple saline solution or disinfectant can be used to cleanse the wound. Wounds must also be kept clean during the healing process so as to avoid further complications like inflammation and swelling from slowing the healing process and causing tissue scarring.

Saline solution for cleaning a wound can be easily found in any medical store. Saline solution is also found in other products like contact lens solution. It does not irritate the wound or cause it to sting like usual cleansers do. But there is a down side that saline cannot actively disinfectant by removing oily substances from the wound, so in some cases a traditional rinse of soap and water will have to suffice. The saline solution can also be used for keeping the area around the wound moist, if need be. The skin will not heal properly if the area surrounding the healing is too dry. Use the saline to gently wipe around the wound during the healing phase so that the skin can stay clean and hydrated. Use Bio Oil to keep the skin from scarring once the wound is healed. Bio Oil is very effective in healing scars, stretch marks, or uneven skin tones.

On the other hand, boils are a bit more difficult to deal with because the infection is deep under the skin. Boils are caused because blood cells gather to fight the infection below the skin and cause the area to become enlarged, with inflammation that is tender and oft times painful to touch. Boils are really caused by bacteria that has founds its way under the skin through hair follicles. Boils are usually treated with antibiotics at a doctor’s office. To prevent scarring from boils you can use magnesium sulphate paste to clear the skin and prevent scarring. Magnesium sulphate paste helps to treat wounds and boils in the most effective manner.

Homemade natural remedies can also be effective for treating boils and preventing skin infections. A simple mixture that works wonders is to mix half a teaspoon with vinegar with a teaspoon of milk cream. Sprinkle turmeric powder into it and mix till smooth. Apply the paste to the boil and continue to do so until the infection is relieved. Another one to try is to combine half a cup of water with two half teaspoons of cornmeal to make a paste, and then apply it to the boil. Allow the paste to remain on the skin until the paste becomes dry. Another mixture of adding ground cumin seeds to water and then boiling it down and applying the solution has been known to heal boils. Remember that it is important to treat boils early on so that they do not become infected or spread.


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