Ayurvedic Products Used in Curing Serious Ailments Around the Globe

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Ayurveda not only teaches how to eradicate a disease permanently but also how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda India promises to cure some incurable diseases or the disease which are not been cured using allopathic medicines. Considered as the science of life or longevity, Ayurveda helps and promotes health, prevents diseases and offers long life.


Ayurveda India has proper cure for diseases such as cough, consumption, diarrhea, dropsy, abscesses, seizures, tumors, and skin diseases, diabetes, hypertension, stones, etc. Various other health complexes and surgeries such as plastic surgery, cataract surgery, puncturing to release fluids in the abdomen, extraction of foreign elements, treatment of anal fistulas, treating fractures, amputations, cesarean sections, and stitching of wounds, etc. have been described in detailed manner in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic products made using modern methods and technology avoiding impurities and infirmities are ideal for certain diseases. The use of herbs and surgical instruments which were prevalent during ancient India are still relevant in modern India. The Charaka Samhitta text dealing with various health care theories and principles is a concise treatise written centuries ago. Traditional Indian method for health care stresses on body care, mental regulation, and spiritual/consciousness refinement, etc.

Ayurveda India has received wide fame for its wonderful capability to cure some hard to cure diseases. A comprehensive range of Ayurvedic products used in curing serious ailments are being received immensely by people around the globe. The government of India passed the Indian Medical Central Council Act in the year 1970 to standardize qualifications for Ayurveda and provide accredited institutions for its study and research.

Today, India boasts to have more than 100 colleges which offer degrees and diplomas in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and treatment. All efforts are being made by the government of India to promote and support research and teaching in Ayurveda through multiple channels. Some famous Indian companies such as Baidyanath, Dabur and Zandu produce Ayurvedic products in huge quantities which are exported to overseas market.

Ayurvedic methods such as herbs, massage, and Yoga, etc. are being used to cure bodily and mentally ill people. Observable fact about Ayurveda India is that it has inspired Unani Medicine, Greek Medicine or the Islamic Medicine, etc. greatly. Today, people living in the US, Canada, Middle East, Europe, East Asia, etc. order for Ayurveda products as they feel these are more suitable than other modern health care product.


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