Arrested and On Your Way to Jail. What Now?

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Arrested and On Your Way to Jail. What NowBeing accused of a crime is not a fun experience. If you have been arrested and are on your way to jail, you will have to take steps to protect yourself. Hopefully, you have not given the authorities too much information. The first step a person should always take when he or she is arrested is contacting an attorney. According to a prominent St Louis Divorce attorney, while you will want to contact a criminal attorney, you may to retain a divorce attorney as well to ensure your spouse doesn’t seize your property while you are behind bars. Be advised, until an attorney is present and assigned to the case, the accused party should say as little as possible. A multitude of experienced attorneys is available to defend a person accused of any crime.

Booking and Release
To accuse someone of a crime properly, the police have to take that person into custody and book him or her. Booking includes fingerprinting, entering the details of the crime into a computer system, and setting a court date for the accused crime. After the police complete this step, they will contact a judge that is on duty and inquire about bail. Bail is an amount of money that the defendant may have to pay to get out of jail. The amount that the judge decides to set depends on several factors such as the defendant’s criminal history, previous bail situations, and the nature of the crime.

After speaking with the judge, the police will either release the defendant on his or her own recognizance or require that person to pay a bail amount to get out. The bail is meant to ensure that the defendant makes the required appearance in court. After the individual appears in court, the courts will return the funds they received for bail.

If you are currently going through this process, it is extremely important that you remain calm. Any erratic or violent behavior may have an effect on your set bail amount. You will want to take this time to notify your job and family members of what has occurred.

Contact a Bail Bond Company
If the judge has imposed a bail amount on your case and you do not have the funds, you may be able to get help from a bail bond company. Such a company has the funding that you need to get you out of jail. You may either call the bail bond company yourself or ask one of your relatives to do it in your behalf. Many companies work in the bail bond industry. It is important to find a firm that has been in business for a lengthy amount of time and has an excellent record of accomplishment.

Applying for help from a bail bond company is quite simple. The applicant will have to submit information about the crime, the bail amount, and himself or herself. The bond company will determine if it can help after it considers all those factors. If the firm decides to assist you, it will impose a small fee for its services. Once you or the applicant pays the fees, you may be released from jail within 24 hours. You will be free to visit with your attorney and gather your defense before your court date.


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