Are You Suffering From a Skin Allergy? Here is What You Need to Know

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Skin allergy is a skin disorder that results from the hyper reaction of the immune system. It is also referred to as dermatitis. This is when the skin becomes overly reactive to commonly known substances, which may be harmless. It occurs to persons having hypersensitive skin. It is a condition where after a contact with a substance, the immune system perceives it as dangerous for the body and sends out the fighting cells to get rid of it. Skin allergies are very common, and it is a bit difficult to figure out their main causes. One can develop rashes that are not necessarily from allergic reactions. There are varieties of factors that could result in skin reactions. These could include heat, infection, medications, food, illness or plants (poison ivy).

What are the causes of skin allergy?

Skin allergy reactions are rapid and very predictable. They appear as soon as the contact with the skin is made. Some allergies are severe but others are mild and can cure on their own. The skin areas affected differ from one-person to another as each individual has a different skin configuration. To one patient, the irritation might be all over the body but to another, it could be a limited area. Some are very severe to a point where the victim cannot even work.

There is no clear line about the elements causing the reactions. The only advice given is to seek medical attention after the symptoms manifest themselves. It is the duty of the doctor to do diagnose and then give the right prognosis. Usually, there are two tests carried out – a skin prick test and a blood test. There are types of skin allergy (hudallergi is the term in Danish) that can be home treated but for others, the victim will have to seek medical attention. There are over 70 allergic causes but only about 10 causes result in severe allergy. Let a medical officer work to determine the measures that should be taken when they arise and when one is far from a health center.

How to manage skin allergy

Skin allergy is an irritating infection. It will totally affect your daily life if it occurs. The fact that they are too common causes makes it wise to have a little knowledge on how to manage the symptoms in case they occur. It is said that 90% of people will experience these allergies reactions during their lifetime. This commands knowledge to be on the safe side. The management is possible in three parts:

Understanding the condition

This calls for a thorough research to know the entire information about the type of the allergy that one is suffering from. One must investigate whether the kind of allergy they are suffering is severe and what dangers it exposes the body to when it occurs.

What is triggering the reaction

One should understand the main triggering factor of the skin allergy and what intensifies it. With this, you will be able to avoid any substance that could trigger the allergy. There are over 3000 allergy triggers, some artificial, others natural. It is the sole duty of the victim to have the knowledge and distinguish between the irritant substances and the non-irritants.

Taking good care of the skin

This is the most important thing one should offer to the skin. Understand the remedies that will reduce the allergic reactions. Ensure the skin is moisturized and avoid taking hot showers for they are known to dry the skin out. The best soap to use is the mild or the ph neutral one. With these three steps, it is possible to control the skin allergy and live a normal life.


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