Another Perspective on Shooter Games

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School Shooting-Video GamesEvery boy has at some point played a shooter game. And although we might not understand why exactly these games are as captivating as they are, millions of people all over the world have been enthralled by them. Now, more than ever, that the technology has come so far, and the computer graphics are so exact, are people looking for more such games. Here are a few beneficial effects that shooter games can have on teenagers.

  1. The first thing a parent would think of when it comes to shooting games would be that his kid will become aggressive and violent. However, psychologists believe that there is some good that can come out of them. There are a lot of anger management therapy techniques in which patients are told to act on their anger, and this might very well be one such therapy. When a child becomes mad, his anger makes him feel stronger, and he could actually need that strength at some point in his life. Moreover, there are children who are naturally angry, because of other reasons (problems at home, or at school etc..) and by playing a shooter game he might be able to release some of that anger, or „blow off some steam”.
  2. Although many developers have tried to create good story lines for shooter, the truth is that a great shooter is one in which you ignore the characters, and focus on the killing part. It is almost impossible to come up with a good story for shooters. However, with the help of these games you can improve your dexterity, your reflexes and your brain to hand coordination.
  3. There are a lot of free shooting games to play, so you won’t have to rush to the store to buy the latest version of Black Ops. Moreover, they are quite realistic. Flaw you might say, but you should know that there have been many attempts at shooter games which aren’t very realistic, and they didn’t sell a lot of copies.
  4. This will probably be a little hard to digest, but shooters actually tap into one of the primal human instincts. Shooters are without a doubt power fantasy games which focus on enacting the gravest of moral sins: taking a life. It is easy to say that they are bad, but if you analyze the matter in depth, you will realize that these games accentuate a vital part of the human mind in which „power asserted becomes advantage gained”. And the truth in today’s society is that if you don’t demonstrate your power, you will get stomped on. What we are trying to say isn’t that you should kill the next person that makes you angry, but rather that shooter games reveal to us a darker part, a stronger part, which will definitely be helpful in the future.

All in all, we believe that shooter games should be analyzed from another perspective. In the end, your child won’t become a serial killer by playing such a game; he will merely explore other sides of his personality. Nevertheless, there should be an hour limit, because excess gaming might cause psychological imbalances.


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