Angry Birds Online: Welcome to The Most Popular Mini Game

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Angry Birds Online

Rovio Mobile Limited is the developers of Angry Birds online which is a puzzle video game. After successfully launching the Angry Birds franchise a few years ago, they went ahead and launched Angry Birds online for the apple operating system devices like the iPhone and iPod. However, you can enjoy the game on any platform. Below are some interesting facts about the game:

  • Widely available

You can enjoy Angry Birds online from any device ranging from phones to laptops that most operating systems like android, iOS and Microsoft windows. It is a highly entertaining game with multiple free versions. You may have to purchase others at a very low rate. You can even play free online from the multiple websites that offer online gaming and still get to enjoy yourself.

  • How to play

For any video game fan, the thrill and interest always brings you back for more. For Angry Birds online, you will love to take control of the colored birds and launch those using slingshots towards the pigs that stole their eggs. The game has a story line that follows the birds as they try to retrieve their eggs from the pigs. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. In each level, the pigs are hiding in different kinds of structures that protect them at which you have to launch the birds towards to break through. As you progress on, the levels become more challenging and more exciting.

  • Family fun

The game is an all-round kind of game and can be enjoyed by anyone who is old enough to handle a phone or computer. There are no age restrictions and it seems to appeal to people of all cadres of life. Since its launch, the game has found millions of fans worldwide and as the platforms grow so does the game’s popularity.

  • Accessibility and versions

Angry birds online can be accessed from multiple sources ranging from customized browsers like Google chrome to online gaming websites. The advantage is that no matter how you access it, the game is still the same in terms of resolution and adaptability. There are numerous versions of the game that can now be found online, for example Angry Birds Canon, Space, Halloween HD, and Rio among others.

Angry birds online if free and can be played by anyone. It was developed by Rovio mobile who are based in Finland and was initially released for the apple operating system in 2009. Poached eggs were the first version of the online version and had themed chapters that had 21 levels each. Later, it was updated and named mighty hoax.

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