An Overview of Different Kinds of Construction Equipment and How they can be Used for Your Project

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Whilst you may already know that the use of different kinds of construction equipment is vital to the success of your project, are you making the right choices when it comes to the equipment you select? The thing is, different kinds of equipment have different purposes, and some can be used for multiple purposes, whilst some can be utilised for only a single purpose. In order to make the right decision, it’s best to have a good knowledge of their functions so you can maximise their use and choose the best ones. Here, then, is an overview of different kinds of construction equipment and how they can be used for your project.

The bulldozer

The bulldozer is one of the most important pieces of construction equipment you can have. It is a crawler equipped with a blade, which is then used for pushing huge amounts of sand, soil, and rubble. The word ‘bulldozer’ is in fact a name often given to any heavy vehicle (such as loaders or excavators), but if you want to be precise, the bulldozer is essentially a tractor which is fitted with a bucket or blade. Bulldozers are also equipped with tracks, which allow them to manoeuvre through rougher terrain. With wide tracks, the bulldozer avoids sinking into muddy or sandy ground.

The loader

A loader is another type of vehicle for loading materials such as asphalt, debris, feed, dirt, gravel, logs, rock, wood chips, sand, and more onto another piece of equipment, such as a dump truck, a feed-hopper, a conveyor belt, and more.

The loader can come with tracks or wheels, and it has a front-mounted bucket connected to the end of a couple of arms or booms in order to scoop and load sand, gravel, and so on. Loaders are useful for such operations as loading materials onto trucks, clearing dirt and rubble, and laying down pipes. In many cases loaders are also used to transport materials (such as pipe, bricks, tools, and metal bars) over a short distance.

The compactor

The compactor is another piece of equipment which has several uses. It is sometimes used for reducing the size and volume of waste materials (such as a trash compactor), but compactors are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The compactor is useful for building projects in that it can compact the soil, which increases the soil’s density. Denser soil is better for the foundations of a building and for earthwork projects.

There are other pieces of equipment useful for construction, such as road rollers, excavators, and power shovels. And if you want your project to be done in the proper way with the use of proper construction equipment, opt for a good plant hire service such as that provided by plant hire Preston specialists like Ruttle, which provides updated, highly-advanced equipment every single time.

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