An effective Spinal Fusion Surgery can provide you relief from acute low back pain

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About Spinal Fusion Surgery

Most of us often experience low back pain  in mild or severe form  which may last either for a short time or may be for years.  For acute pain which lasts for long  Spinal Fusion Surgery is very essential.  It is done to remove bones and tissues which narrows and squeezes the spinal cord. Spinal Fusion which  is also known as spondylodesis is the name of a surgical technique which is used to join two or more vertebrae. It is a major type of surgery.  In this type of surgery bone is taken from pelvic bone or from bone bank to make a bridge between vertebrae that are close to each other. This process helps new bone to grow. Even metal implants are used to hold the bones together until new bones grow between them. This type of surgery is often needed in order to keep the spine stable after a major injury, infection or a tumour. Previously it was used to treat fractures or other problems but now it is used to treat age related spinal problems.

Advantages and problems related to spinal fusion surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery significantly helps to reduce severe back pain and allow patients to enjoy their life in the normal way. It is a very good treatment for various spine conditions. But it should be the last resort when non-surgical treatments have failed. Also, there are various risks associated with this surgery because it eliminates the ability to move between the fused bones, which can put added strain on the joints above and below the fusion.  Besides, a major obstacle of the success of this surgery depends on the difficulty in accurately identifying the source of pain. Since it is the last resort for patients with severe and incapacitating low back pain, you should take detailed advice from your surgeon and physiotherapist before undergoing such a surgery who will recommend the type of surgery depending on many factors including the type of problem being treated, age of the patient, number of levels of spine being fused etc. Besides, this surgery costs a lot and there is no guarantee that it work perfectly to relieve your pain for ever.

Treatment Clinics

You can get many reputed clinics who performs Spinal Fusion Surgery for patients. They are always committed to deliver the highest quality of care and service to the patients by utilizing the best practices available in their field and providing the latest technology. Their main endeavor is to restore patients to their highest potential in order to live a healthy life free from pain and disabilities. Their specialized team approach always emphasizes on direct communication, respect and care related to interaction with staff, colleague and also the patients. To treat patients suffering from disabling spine problems, they have well experienced and highly skilled surgeons who have developed newer surgical techniques such as artificial disk replacement, cervical laminolasty and dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine which results in better spine function and relieves patient from acute pain. Even they can provide you the facility of minimally invasive surgeries which reduces the potential for surgical complications or infections. Also it causes less pain compared to open surgeries.


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