Adult teeth and how to take care of it

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Adult teeth (permanent teeth) start to replace the leading milk teeth after a child attains the age of 6. For the following 6 to 8 years there’s a gradual change of milk teeth to adult teeth. This stage is known as mixed dentition, as both the milk as well as adult teeth is going to be present in the mouth simultaneously. By the age 12-14 all adult teeth appear except the wisdom teeth (third molars). These teeth exist throughout the entire lifespan of an individual.


Adult teeth:

1 Incisors — Thin as well as sharp, accustomed to cut as well as slice meals.

2 Canines — Sharp as well as pointed, accustomed to hold as well as tear meals.

3 Premolars — Sharp, toned surfaces, to keep and grind food.

4 Molars — Broad as well as flat, accustomed to chew as well as grind meals.

Anatomy of the Adult teeth:

1 Tooth overhead – The actual visible main tooth in the mouth.

2 Enamel – The enamel is considered to be one of the toughest substance in the body.

3 Dentine – Dentine may be the softer framework that comprises most of the tooth material. It is filled with tiny tubes that may transmit this kind of signals like hot, cold as well as painful stimuli towards the pulp of the tooth in which the nerves and arteries are discovered.

4 Gums – Firm flesh round the roots of the teeth.

5 Root – The tooth is much like an iceberg even though all of us see in the mouth is the crown, underneath the surface, embedded in the bone from the jaw, may be the complex structure of the root.

6 Soft pulp — A gentle tissue comprised of blood vessels and anxiety, which feeds the dental tissue. It is usually also called the dental nerve. The nerves and arteries from the pulp are attached to the nervous and circulatory systems of the body.

7 Cement – it is present in the root of each teeth.

8 Periodontium – It is like a tissue in shape and it helps to maintain the teeth in location.

9 Jaw bone fragments – The actual bone that forms the framework of the mouth as well as which holds the tooth.

Teeth are extremely important body part. Hence they should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise they may get affected from infection or other problems which can cause huge pain in the mouth. Although many improved medical techniques have been developed to reduce the pain however tooth problems should be avoided. Here are some tips for maintaining your teeth:

1 Brush regularly at least twice a day.

2 Gargle every time you consume sweets and other sugar compounds.

3 Go for a teeth checkup regularly.

4 Avoid smoking or chewing of tobacco.

5 Don’t prickle the nerves in the tooth with anything.

By following these techniques, one can have healthy adult teeth even in the old age. 


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