Acrylic Painting 101: All The Basics You Should Know

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Acrylic Painting is becoming popular today among painters and artists because they do not have to worry about the paint odors and chemicals that sometimes may cause allergies and asthma. Acrylic painting is very versatile that is why it is desired by many people.

Acrylic paints do not require a longer time for drying. They are not only used for paintings on canvas. There are special acrylic paints that are used in fabrics, papers, glass, wax, plaster, cement and wood. Some types of acrylic paints can be washable, cannot easily be damaged or peeled off thus they are durable. Acrylic paints are water-based so they can be cleaned easily. To remove acrylic paints, one doesn’t have to use thinners but water and soap only. Synthetic brushes are usually used for acrylic painting and they should be cleaned after using because paints can be very hard to remove once they are dried.

Learning how to do acrylic painting is not as easy as it may seem. Acrylic painting needs a lot of practice. People can develop their own styles and methods and use their own tools and techniques. There are also training and workshops for those beginners who are interested in acrylic painting. They will be given supplies and other materials that they need for their training  They will eventually learn the step by step processes on how to start, create and finish an acrylic portrait painting. Free-hand painting designs, tutorials and techniques are available for beginners even online. In this way, acrylics painting tricks of a professional artist can be learned and learn how to cheat his way to paint portraits with acrylics.

Most beginners may start with landscape painting because this is the easiest way to learn and to study acrylic painting. If a person is already confident and gain a lot of experience already, he or she may proceed to acrylic painting on portraits. As discussed earlier, acrylic paints dry easier so painters should keep their paints moist by using a palette, buying canisters to store the paints, and having a spray bottle to sprinkle water over the paint while doing your painting. Do not buy a palette with too porous surface because it will absorb the water from the acrylic paint.

Make sure to choose paints with good quality that are not too expensive. It is important to take good care of your acrylic paints. Paint tubes caps should be closed and sealed tightly to avoid the paint from drying easily. Store your clean brushes properly after washing. But before storing your brushes, make sure to keep them dry first. Water can damage your brushes. After washing the brushes, you can hang them or lay them flat. Aside from water, do not soak your brush in any other liquid. And do not mix acrylic paints with oil paints. Acrylic paints are best if you want to convert your photo to painting today.


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