6 Things You Must Try out while Spending Your Vacation in Palm Springs

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Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley city in California, has come into the tourists’ scenario from the early 20th century with the development of various kind of resorts. The reason behind this is mainly the climate. The city by the desert is ‘blessed’ with high temperature; so people require dry and comparatively high temperature for their health started to try out this place for a vacation when the US civilisation had begun expanding on the west side of the country. Still, it is a very popular weekend destination for many of the tourists.

Are you a nature lover? An arty? A layman who has no interest in things apart from lazing around during the weekend? A person with love for history? Well, this city has plenty of options for all of you and it welcomes the tourists with its warm climate and all the other entertainments.

So before you head over to your Palm Springs vacation home, here goes our list of 6 things which you must try out in Palm Springs to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

1. Aerial Tramway 

The Palm Springs city is located on the foothill of the San Jacinto Mountains. If you want to visit the mountain, you have to board an aerial tramcar. This is the longest rotating tramcar in the world which brings you up to the top within only 10 minutes. The cool thing is you feel rapid temperature differences when you reach the top. From the top, you will be able to behold the entire Coachella Valley below. Now you decide what to do. You want to explore more the mountain or you want to have a cup of coffee in the mountaintop café?

2. The Living Desert Zoo 

Though not exactly situated in the city, it is just a few miles from there and it is worth visiting because who doesn’t want to witness a real-life desert on the doorsteps? This Living Desert is split into a desert and a zoo or botanical garden. Let us tell you what you could see in the zoo. You will get to see the meerkats, bighorns, mountain lions and giraffes. If you want to agree to spend $5 more, you will have the chance to feed the giraffes. Along with these, there are more than 1400 species of plants here. Try to visit the Living Desert as early during the day as possible, as the temperature rises high in the afternoon.

3. Coachella Valley Preserve 

The Coachella Valley Preserve is situated on Thousand Palms Canyon Road in Thousand Palms east of Palm Springs. This is entirely a protected area of barren land acre after acre but you can see some wetland and palm woodland oases. In the Palms Oasis, there is a 25 miles hiking trail from which you might be able to catch a rare wildlife there if you are lucky enough. You can see wildflowers in the desert wetland if you visit there in the right season.

It is recommended to download or collect a map of this region’s trails from the visitor centre, located at the entrance before you head out to the park. The thing is, this area also sees very hot temperatures most of the year. So never forget to take precaution such as taking plenty of water, keeping and putting sunscreen lotion, when exploring the desert. And you will be lucky if you visit the place between October and March as the preserve organises free guided hiking tour in this time of the year.

 4. The Air Museum

Time for History. The aircraft mainly from the World War 2 and some from the Korea and Vietnam wars are exhibited here. There are more than 40 planes stacked aside in three warehouses of which some are still flyable. Let us name of some of these flying heroes: you will see the B-17 flying fortress, C-47, F-4 fighter jet, PBY Catalina jet etc. the funny thing is, many who visited this place have said, this place is the best place in Palm Springs for the children. It has two reasons. Number one, this is comparatively cooler place than the rest of the city. Number two, who among the children won’t be happy, lured rather if get to sit inside a real cockpit?

5. The Art museum

Another museum is on your go. This time, it is the art museum. The Palm Spring Desert Museum was founded in 1938 as a house of the modern art. That’s why art enthusiasts will get to see works by many modern and postmodern artists like Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, Mark di Suvero, Edward Ruscha, Henry Moore etc. here. The museum is divided into various sections like Painting, sculpture, glass art and even a natural science collection that encompasses fields such as biology, geology, archaeology, etc. In the museum’s Annenberg Theatre, programmes of music, dance and theatre performances are held regularly.

6. Tahquitz Canyon

The Tahquitz Canyon is situated in the southwest of am Springs. Within two miles of the desert, you will find this refreshing waterfalls inside the Tahquitz Canyon. This is geographically located within the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians reservation. Apart from the natural beauties, you can also trace the Agua Caliente tribe’s artworks in the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum here. Needless to say, there is a volume of visual annals that depict the history of the Native Americans. Nothing of these has attracted you? No worry! There is a little auditorium inside the Tahquitz Canyon Visitor Centre where you can watch a movie about this place.


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