6 Rapidly Growing U.S. Based Companies and Why They’re Successful

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32It is a fact that some companies grow faster than others. This growth can be achieved by various means, such as providing a product or service that is in high demand, creating innovative customer loyalty and retention programs, or standing out from the rest of the crowd by offering quality customer service. Here is an overview of some of the fastest growing companies in the United States and what made them so successful:




If you’ve seen a YouTube video of someone filming themselves skydiving, snowboarding or taking part in an adventure through the jungle, chances are they’ve used one of Contour’s hands-free cameras. Their cameras can interface with other devices, plus some models have GPS functionality, allowing the user to record not only video, but also data like location and speed.




Oil products are used not only as fuel, but also as an ingredient in many other products, such as personal care goods and food. What sets Solazyme apart from other oil manufacturers is that their production is renewable, using microalgae that are able to transform sugars coming from plants into oil.




Many consumers have turned to shopping online when buying brand-name clothing items in an effort to find the best deals and save money on their purchase. Ideeli offers an affordable online shopping experience to those looking for fashion at discount prices. The specials and promotions they run on their site allow for even deeper savings, which made Ideeli one of the fastest growing online fashion retailers in the U.S.


Gold & Silver Buyers


The recent economic downturn has resulted in many consumers selling jewelry items that they don’t use. This, combined with rising precious metal prices, have made Gold & Silver Buyers one of the most successful businesses in America. The company buys gold, silver and diamonds on the spot, paying cash to consumers and selling the products directly to refineries.


One Source Networks


VoIP service use is growing among corporations around the world. One Source Networks specializes in providing innovative and cost-effective telecommunications solutions to enterprise-class and mid-sized businesses. Their partnerships with large communications companies such as Verizon has allowed One Source Networks to be the fastest growing telecommunications business in the country.




Home automation and security solutions are in large demand in the U.S. Vivint provides innovative home security, automation and energy management products. One main advantage is that their system can be controlled from mobile devices like a tablet or smartphone. Another factor that has helped their growth is that Vivint reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, showing that the majority of customers are satisfied with their products and would recommend it to others without hesitation.


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