6 High Paying Jobs You Don’t Need A College Degree For

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6 High Paying Jobs You Don't Need a Degree ForWhile a solid education is important, it is not always necessary to earn a high salary. There are lots of career opportunities for those lacking a college degree. The following is list of six high paying jobs that do not require a college education.


Real Estate Broker

Although it does require licensing, it does not require a college degree. The national average of a real estate broker/agent is $58,000, but the potential is much higher if you are in a good location and have great people skills, job knowledge, and sales technique.


Funeral Director

This may not be everyone’s dream job, but it is a job that pays well. $79,500 is the average salary that a funeral director will earn every year. A degree is not necessary. However, it does require that the person have compassion and understanding in order to do their job effectively, dealing with families and their losses. When you want to really help people this may be a great job for you.


Construction Workers

There is plenty of money to be made in the field of construction. A decent salary can be earned in areas like sheet rocking, and new house construction. Some high paying opportunities are available through local and state jobs, such as road and bridge construction. Not only do these jobs pay well, but they are usually under union contract and provide excellent benefit packages. When you don’t mind rolling up the sleeves and getting your hands dirty, this job could well suit you.


Computer Specialists

Computer techs have the potential to make a really good living, and although a degree is usually unnecessary, extensive computer knowledge and even some training may be required to get started. Another thing to consider before getting into this area, is that continuing education is a must, due to the fast paced evolution of technology.


Security Guards

Many companies outsource their security positions to ensure that they get fully trained professionals working for them. Security guards in San Jose CA say it is easy to make a decent paycheck and a lifelong career out of security work. Security guards are hired by both companies and individuals. It is the job of the security guard to keep both people and property out of harm’s way.


Medical Technicians

Ultrasound technicians, surgical assistants, and dialysis technicians are just a few examples of jobs that fall under this category. Training is required for all of these professions, but it is not as timely or expensive as a college education. An added bonus is that many employers in this field will pay for tuition reimbursement and other educational expenses, making it easier to train for a more advanced career.


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