5 Ways to Make your Mom Happy on Mother’s Day

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When you lead a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to lose touch with people, because you forget – or don’t have time – to make a simple phone call. And while your friends may forgive you for being less than communicative, your mother probably expects a little more. So in addition to picking up the phone and calling mom this Mother’s Day, take a moment to do something special for her.

Family Portrait  300x199 5 Ways to Make your Mom Happy on Mothers Day

Show your mom you care by implementing one of the following ideas:

Give thoughtful gifts

Since you were a young child, your mom has graciously accepted and displayed all the handmade creations and cards you made for her each year. Now that you’re grown up, give her Mother’s Day gifts she can really use and appreciate – and start by really listening to her.

Pay attention when your mom casually mentions a new watch, garden fountain or book she wants to read. Then choose a gift that she’ll love – and one she may have forgotten she even mentioned to you!

Show her some TLC

Nothing says, “I love you, mom,” like a day at the spa. Buy your mom a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure or facial, and join her for the day.

If you’re trying to save money, create a spa in your home by making your own skin treatments, hair masks or foot scrubs, and spend a day with your mom in DIY style.

Buy her some time

Think about how much time your mother has devoted to you. She’s made a lot of sacrifices over the years, so consider giving her some time to get away. Send her on a cruise, or treat her to a weekend away in a luxury hotel or at a bed and breakfast in her favorite town.

Most moms really like spending Mother’s Day with their children, so ask her if she’d like you to go with her – but make sure to explain you’re perfectly happy not going, if that’s her preference.

Let her choose

Putting a few dollars in a card is a tacky Mother’s Day gift, but your mom will love a shopping trip. Schedule a day browsing at her favorite outlet mall, splurging in one of the country’s best shopping cities or exploring the quaint shops of a local small town. Make sure she buys something she likes, and give her a fun shopping day she’ll cherish.

Be useful

Ask any mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, and she’ll probably tell you she wants nothing more than to spend time with her children. Even so, you can make the gift of time more meaningful by doing something for your mom – like pulling weeds in her garden or cleaning her kitchen.

This year, instead of just picking up the phone, clear time in your busy schedule to be with your mom. And if you live too far apart to be together on Mother’s Day, don’t wait until the last minute to stick a hastily chosen gift in the mail. Get her something she’ll love, and send it well in advance of her special day.

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