5 Ways That Lead To Good Parenting

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Good parenting is essential for the overall healthy development of a child. There are certain points that parents should keep in mind while nurturing their ward as sometimes children might feel lonely or depressed due to certain reasons and this is the time when the parents have to become the most attentive.


Express your love and praise them: A daily hug or even a smile everyday would boost the confidence afterward; this is the best way of showing affection as well. Let them know how deeply you love them. Remember that every child is unique and special so do not ever compare your child with any other child, look for the qualities in him and put in efforts to boost those qualities. Appreciate him every time he does well in studies, extra- curricular, sports etc.

Listen well: It is seen that in today’s busy life the parents are not able to spend quality time with their children and this leads to a feeling of loneliness and insecurity in the child. It is one of the most important aspects of good parenting. It is seen that most of the children get spoiled because they were not able to convey their problems and issues to their parents. Everyday take out at least 30- 40 min to sit with your children and listen to their problems.

Do not be too much loving: Well some of you might feel that it is contrary to the first point, actually it is not, from too loving we mean that do not hide the mistakes of your child, never ever try to ignore them but better punish the child for those mistakes and make him realize what is the difference between right and wrong. This way you could spoil your child in the future, so better work on the present and save the child from getting spoiled. 


Give freedom: It is seen that the children who did not get adequate freedom in their lives become introvert or in worst cases develop a rebellious attitude. Every child is unique and he has complete rights to enjoy the world freely. So give the child adequate freedom. This freedom could include hanging out with friends in the weekend, taking the important decisions of his life independently.

Make rules and follow them regularly: Make a list of rules and regulations that every member of the family would be supposed to follow including the children. The rules formed should be primarily for the children but you should follow those rules properly because the children learn the most from their family and if they will see their parents following the rules well then they will follow them properly as well. These rules could be regarding anything say for instance finishing the meal completely, taking meals only on the dining table and that too with the whole family, coming home before 8 pm and so on. 

Being a mom or dad is one of the divine experiences of life. Everything chances when you turn into a parent. Take the experience ahead, with these good ways of giving a healthy life to your child. 

This article is contributed by Simmon Pierre who writes for Chris DeSerio of ChrisDeSerio.com, a well known reiki master.


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