5 Tips for Creating a First Aid Kit for Your Home

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First Aid Kit for Your HomeIf you could provide a list of 10 things that every household should have, hopefully one of the items that you would mention is a first aid kit. Just like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, having a first aid kit that is full and readily accessible is a great home addition, just in case of a family emergency.

If you don’t happen to have one already in your bathroom closet or kitchen cabinet, they’re fairly simple to create. As a matter of fact, below, we’ve enclosed five handy tips on how you can put one together in just a couple of hours (including the time it would take to get to a local drug or grocery store to pick up certain supplies).

Do your research on what you need. The very first step that you need to take is to compile a list of must-haves for your first-aid kit. You can do this by going to your favorite search engine and putting “How to make a first aid kit” in the search field or you can read the list that we have put together in the next tip.

Purchase the following items. Again, while there are numerous things that you can put in your first aid kit, what we believe are absolute must-haves include a couple of pair of latex gloves, sterile dressings, soap, antibiotic ointment, burn salve, Band-Aids, non-stick sterile pads, eye wash solution, a thermometer and an ice pack.

Don’t forget any needed medications. Something else that you should make sure is in your first aid kit is any daily prescribed medications that you or someone in your family may need along with any prescribed medical supplies (like perhaps diabetes or blood pressure monitoring devices or a nebulizer machine). It’s also important to have some travel size packets of over-the-counter pain and fever reducers, anti-inch medication, an antihistamine and a laxative. Also, make sure to keep a list that includes your physician’s number (including their emergency on-call line) and the pharmacy/pharmacist that you visit the most often).

You might want to add these too (just in case). We’ve already discussed the things that you definitely need, but if you would like a few more ideas of what you can add to your first aid kit in order to make things more convenient for you, a blanket, a flashlight (with some batteries), a pair of tweezers and scissors, some water and non-perishable food and a charged-up cell phone are definitely worth considering adding to your collection.

Store it in a cool dry place. Whether you researched Australia wide first aid kits or you simply followed the list that we provided, it’s important that you put all of your items in a cool dry place; one that is easily accessible for adults but that young children are not able to get to. When it comes to the medications and sharp tools that are in the kit, consider getting something like a plastic container with a lock (that has a key rather than a combination) or a latch. If you follow all of these steps, you will be sure to have the perfect first aid kit with just one more thing that you can feel at ease about. In your house.


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