5 Things to do on your motorcycle road trip

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Going on a motorcycle road trip is an exciting venture, one that can bring you a lot of joy and
life-changing experience. If you would like to know what is essential to keep in mind, what can
you do to make this the best experience of your life keep reading. I recently holidayed in Thailand and took some motorcycle tours in Thailand as the place was so exotic for a bike ride and the below points helped me to complete the trip safely

Document with photos, videos or writing

Capturing the moment in the form of visual reminder or on paper will be a wonderful thing to come back later, both for memories as well as reference. Even if you are not sentimental, you
never know what you will be able to do with the collected footage. As you explore and move
forward on your road trip, you are learning new things, specific to you. Your experience is
valuable to your community, and if you are motivated enough, you can even turn it into a fulltime business.

Protect your safety on the road

As much as meeting strangers is an invaluable part of road trip adventure and lifestyle of many
bikers, there are few things you have to keep in mind to keep yourself safe. Take into
consideration your physical appearance, and demeanor. Present yourself with confidence and
self-assurance. Always have something to protect yourself in a situation that raises your
concerns. If you are traveling with your friends, make sure you are all safe and can always
count on each other.

Stay in touch with others

Especially if you are traveling alone, make sure to let your friends or family know that you are
safe and where are you now and where you’re going next, if you have it planned. You can use
tracking apps to share your location in real-time or on request with those you permit to view it.
Make sure to keep your settings set private so only chosen people could access it.

Check your gear before driving again

After each break, you should check necessary things in your motorcycle to ensure the safety of
yourself and others. Make a checklist before starting your road trip and then confirm the listed
items. That involves any part of your motorcycle, outfit, tools, GPS, luggage, and anything that
you carry on with you.

Take care of yourself

Hydration, proper nutrition and rest is a vital part of your trip. Treat yourself as you would your
most valuable machine. Use earplugs which allow you to protect your hearing without muting
other sounds that are crucial to hearing while driving. Verify that your motorcycle outfit is not
only comfortable but also offers to regulate the temperature of your body, protects you from
various environmental factors.


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