5 Things Every Musician Must Know About Self-Promotion

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5 Things Every Musician MUST Know About Self PromotionSelf-Promotion is one of the most important aspects of being a successful musician. It’s the easiest way to earn fans, as people love to meet the musicians behind the music. By creating a healthy ecosystem of self-promotion, any musician can quickly learn the tricks of the trade.


Confidence is an essential part of any form of promotion. Speaking with confidence communicates to others that what’s being said or promoted is worthwhile. Someone that speaks without confidence communicates to others that what they are saying can probably be forgotten.

Confidence is one part trust and one part assertiveness. To successfully communicate with confidence, one must trust that their music will be appreciated by others. Not everyone will, but a handful is better than none. On top of trust, a musician must be willing to put themselves in front of others and accept whatever praise or criticism comes of it. Musicians must be willing to assert themselves for the sole purpose of having others hear their music.

Free Music

Not everyone has money to spend on your custom cds. Their lack of cash doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t invest later on down the road though, and free music is an easy way to capitalize on this common occurrence. Free music is a chance to make an impression on a potential fan.

Some artists release singles for free on various Internet platforms and radio stations, while others release all of their music for free. Both routes can be successful, but each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Releasing everything for free will usually earn more fans while releasing music for a price will create a stable business model

Social Media

Social media is a fast and effective way for musicians to promote themselves online. Social media sites do not charge for membership and have hundreds of millions of users. Tapping into this resource is just a matter of creating a profile and finding potential listeners.

One popular strategy is to find people that like similar music and politely ask what they think about a specific song. Some will enjoy the song, and it’s important to win these listeners over. Never focus on people that don’t like the song; it’s typically a lost cause.

Create a Website

With the advent of content management systems like WordPress, anyone can quickly create a website that works well and looks great. This serves as a place for news, updates, distribution and communication. Websites allow musicians to have their own base of operation instead of relying on other websites for all of their promotion.

Music Lovers

Music lovers are the easiest fans to earn. Their tastes are usually very diverse, and they’re often accepting of a variety of styles. They appreciate any opportunity to discover new music or musicians because they’re constantly searching for new sounds that appeal to their ears. There’s bound to be at least few in music or instrument stores, the lines of concerts and on thousands of online forums. They’re always prepared to meet a confident musician.


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