5 Things Every First Dance Should Have

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Planning a wedding sounds like oodles of fun … until you actually get into the thick of it. It seems like every small detail takes on massive significance, from the favors to the color of the ribbon the bouquet.

Honestly, what people remember most are only a few key moments such as the ceremony, the bride’s dress, and the first dance. Focus on the things that really matter, and everything else will naturally fall into place.

But how can you choose the perfect first dance? Going too trendy or too traditional can be a recipe for disaster. It’s hard to look outside the “discursive regime,” as Foucault would say, but spending a little time on the tunes can make or break a wedding. Here are five things every first dance should have.

1. Meaning

This doesn’t mean that the betrothed couple have to go way out there and choose something obscure. However, it should be a song both of them genuinely like, isn’t too trendy (in other words, you won’t get sick of it or be embarrassed by it in a few months), and that others will appreciate.

Consider your guests. Does your great grandmother really want to watch you dance to “Daddy’s Home” by Usher?

2. Staying power

You’ll want to be able to still enjoy this song on your golden anniversary. But don’t get too traditional, because that borders on overdone. Instead, choose a song you’ve both liked for a while now. Not sick of it yet? You probably won’t be in 50 years, either.

3. A good beat

Whether you’re freestyling it or choreographing your dance to the foxtrot, you need to be able to actually dance to it. Don’t wait until the day of the event to give it a try.

A test drive can confirm whether there’s actually a good beat to dance to. It’s kind of like trying on a dress before the purchase. Who knows how it will really fit?

4. A decent length

Shorter is always better, because four minutes can feel like a lifetime when all eyes are on you. “Strawberry Wine” might seem like a great choice, but it’s pretty long. Do you really want to be swaying for that long? Your guests might get antsy.

5. Live music

Nothing beats a live band; not even the city’s best DJ. A band can also customize your songs for length, introduce you, and encourage others to join in at certain times.

This is the best choice you can make for entertainment at a wedding reception, and a great band ensures that everyone will enjoy themselves into the wee hours.



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