5 Themed Party Ideas for Your Best Party Yet

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partyWhether you’re running out of fun party ideas or never really had any to begin with, planning a themed party can make things a lot easier for you and more fun for your guests. There are more theme possibilities than you can possible imagine, depending on the time of year, your guests’ interests and the occasion. These five themed party ideas can help you plan the best party you’ve had to date, or they can get your creativity going so you can come up with your own original theme.

Party Themes that Will “Wow” Your Guests

  1. What Happens in Las Vegas, Stays in Las Vegas! Your guests don’t have to be gamblers to enjoy this theme. Set up card and table games throughout your party area, and serve food buffet style. Serve cocktails and have a small stage area with a karaoke machine where you and guests can take turns providing the show.
  2. Celebrity Night. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, and with this theme they can have a few hours. Invite guests to dress up as their favorite celebrities without telling anyone who they are. Make a game out of guessing and offer small prizes. Decorate your party area like a Hollywood studio. Cover one wall with paper and offer chalk or markers so guests can outlines their hands and sign their names for your own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  3. Retro Theme. Step back in time with a retro-themed party. Whether you go back to the 50s, the disco era or as far back as the Roaring 20’s, you’ll find appropriate costumes at a place such as Props n Frocks.
  4. Fiesta and Servesa! “Food and drink” is the focus of this Mexican-themed dish. Whether you do it as a potluck or have your party catered, your guests will enjoy a spread of Mexican-themed dishes. Accompany them with margaritas, and decorate with colorful streamers, piñatas and sombreros. Music is easy with this party; just play mariachi music to keep your guests in the party mood.
  5. Meet Me on the Beach. When it’s cold and dreary outside, turn up the heat and invite everyone over for a beach-themed party. Wear Hawaiian shirts, play the Beach Boys and enjoy picnic-style foods.

Fun, Friends and Memories

Ultimately, the things your guests will remember most are the good times spent with friends. Don’t allow the party planning process to get stressful. Decide on your theme, get your invitations and invite guests, and then gather the props and supplies you need. Add to the fun and decrease the work by enlisting the help of a good friend or family member. The “two heads are better than one” approach can assist you in getting ready for your party more quickly and easily. Even if everything’s not perfect, the point is to enjoy your friends and family, and have a good time.

Mary Ylisela is an author who writes about home, lifestyle and travel. She enjoys planning themed parties involving costumes, such as those you can find at www.props-n-frocks.co.uk/


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