5 Overlooked Aspects of the Most Shared Blog Posts

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Companies are always trying to stay up to date and ahead of the others when it comes to viral blog posting. Although they have a keen eye on the competition, most of the times, the content generators overlook some of the most important aspects of the most shared blog posts.

Here are 5 overlooked aspects of the most shared blog posts:

1. Making it visually appealing

Usually, most of the clicks are driven by things that are visually appealing and every click is important as they turn into leads in the long run. People ignore this fact though, because making something visually appealing requires a bit of extra effort.

Creating a picture that goes well with your written content requires good design and aesthetic sense. Using stock images is a good way to go, if you can find one that looks good and is relevant to your content.

The inclusion of infographics within the content also makes for half the authenticity of the blog. For good formatting of your blog, you can refer to different content designing guides.

2. Not Incorporating Humor

Yes, it is true that a blog post needs to be informative, but writing a blog post that is humorous and makes for a good read is equally important. Most shared blog posts on the internet always have humor incorporated in them. If a person wants to read for information, they can do that from a book. Blogs are supposed to be enticing and should encourage the reader to pass it along to other people for entertainment.

Keep it as casual as possible because corporate gibberish just makes everything mundane and boring.

3. Knowing who to target

Again, an important part of the process of making a blog post, the most shared one, is appealing to the right kind of people. If you have created content for people aged 18-25, you cannot make it boring at all. Making it informative is essential, but including current trends and lingo is very important.

Creating blogs for an audience of age 35-45 is different. Here, you can use journalistic lingo, but remember to not make it too long or too boring. Nobody likes to read a long post.

4. Discussing current events

Current events are what get the world clicking that share button. People always want to show each other that they are up to date with what is going on in the world which is why they like to show off their current event knowledge. Using your blog as an update is a good idea to increase your readers.

5. Share with the right people

There are people on Facebook and Twitter that have a lot of friends and followers just because they share good content. Targeting those people is a good way to go. The key here is to have very good content which compels these users to share the post.

A person who has a lot of followers on social media will always share content from other pages which will get them more likes and increase their reputation along with yours.





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