5 Key Things to Know about Your Online Reputation

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Were you aware of just how precious your online reputation is? Some would say it is actually your most valuable asset, and one that can make or break you overnight. The worst thing is that you have relatively little control over it because, in today’s digital age, people can say what they want, where they want. Luckily, there are reputation management companies out there who will be all too happy to let you keep whatever little control you have over your reputation.

The modern consumer makes snap decisions about where to go for products or services, and these snap decisions are often based on online reviews. The consumer barely has time to check these reviews, so they certainly don’t have time to check the validity of the reviews. Hence, they glance over how many stars a business has on average, and base their decision on that. This is also why you have so very little control over it, but why it is so vital that you take steps to monitor and manage it. So what are five key things that you have to be aware of?

5 Key Factors of Importance about Online Reputations

  1. Around 80% of all online searches are made by consumers looking for a local service or product. This is why it is so important that your reputation is positive, because people will simply go elsewhere if it is not. Bad reviews can be found anywhere, including Amazon, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and many other locations. Your goal should be to work towards 100% customer satisfaction, even if you are unlikely to maintain that.
  2. If you want a positive reputation, you must offer excellent customer service. Consumers are very forgiving of mistakes, but they are never forgiving of ignorance, arrogance, or rudeness. If they are not offered the service they expect, and the respect that they deserve, they will not only leave you a very negative review, they will almost never change their mind about that again. Remember that the customer is always right!
  3. Due to the internet, communication is now everywhere. One disgruntled customer used to tell seven others. Today, they have the potential to reach millions. It takes just one cleverly-written Facebook post to travel around the world and completely destroy you.
  4. Search engines matter! People look for you by going on search engines, after all. Hence, you must ensure that you engage in search engine optimization (SEO) for all your positive factors, so that those show up at the top of the results list whenever someone looks you up.
  5. Everything is online. Don’t think you can avoid a negative reputation just by not being online. If your business isn’t online, in fact, people will think that you are not relevant to the modern era, which is pretty much as bad as having a negative reputation.

You cannot control what people say and where people say them. You can, however, do what you can to make their opinion positive, mainly by always putting the customer first.


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