5 Hobbies for a Recovering Addict

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All too often, people try to break an addiction “cold turkey” without planning the recovery. However, modern psychology has discovered the importance of replacing negative behaviors with positive habits, allowing recovering addicts to take control of their lives. Not only do new hobbies fill a void, but they also add new life and personality to one who is trying to ditch an addiction such as research to learn more about addiction here.


Whether participating in aerobic or anaerobic exercise, just participating in an enjoyable physical activity can work wonders while one is giving up an addiction. Even a walk around the block can be instrumental in helping someone beat a temptation. Exercise releases endorphins. These chemicals signal to the emotion centers of the brain to be more happy and positive. Additionally, exercise creates opportunities to succeed. The sense of accomplishment associated with exercise can also boost self-esteem.


Addictions are often formed as simple ways to cope with one’s emotions, and so journaling can come in very handy when denying oneself an addictive behavior. A recovering addict may wish to write about the day’s events or about the specific challenges associated with addiction recovery. Journaling can be just as helpful as venting about one’s problems to another person, but it comes without any exterior judgment.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and other meditative practices are relaxing and elicit positive emotions. Like journaling, meditation counters stress by overcoming challenges mentally. Yoga is great because it also trains the body to perform unusual tasks, and it reveals the hidden capacity of discipline within one’s own soul. It is a very spiritual practice and helps people put mind over matter.


One aspect of addiction is the element of indulgence. While someone with a highly addictive personality may need to exercise caution with food, most people find that the artistic element of cooking provides an outlet for the need to stay busy as well as the desire to indulge in something pleasurable. The great thing about cooking is that it involves a bite here and a taste there, and so it allows one to indulge throughout the entire process without overindulging.


Dancing combines emotion with physical exertion. This combination helps recovering addicts develop a new skill, feel some endorphins, and feel powerful emotions in a safe and healthy environment. With styles ranging from hip-hop to ballet, there is a discipline available for every personality.


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