5 gifts you can give your daughter “just because”

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A father is one of the most important people in his daughter’s life, and she needs a lot more from him than the occasional material gift. However, giving your daughter special gifts is still an excellent way to show her how much you care. Gift giving is especially meaningful when you give your daughter a present for no reason at all. Below are five gifts that are sure to impress her on any occasion, whether she’s expecting the gift or not.

1. Homemade Gift Basket

Homemade gift baskets are perfect for girls of any age. Best of all, you can customize the basket specifically for your daughter by filling it with gifts she’ll enjoy. For example, if your daughter likes dressing up, you could fill the basket with makeup, perfume and nail polish. Likewise, you can also fill a basket with your daughter’s favorite snack foods.

2. Jewelry

A special piece of jewelry can be a constant reminder of your undying love for your daughter. The jewelry you buy doesn’t need to be expensive. A simple necklace or cute charm bracelets are always a hit. You could also purchase some cute earrings, or maybe a matching necklace and earring set.

3. A Night Out

One of the things daughters crave most is quality time with their fathers. Instead of offering your daughter a material gift, give her the gift of a night out with you. For example, you could take her to dinner and a movie, or you could spend some time with her at her favorite attraction. You can present this gift as a card with an itinerary of what you’ll do together, or you can give her gift certificates to each of the places you’ll visit.

4. A Much-Desired Toy

Has your daughter been begging for a special toy or electronic item? If so, you can show her how special she is by simply buying the item and giving it to her when she least expects it. Kids always expect to get special gifts from Dad on their birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions, but receiving something they want so desperately on an ordinary day can be the perfect surprise.

5. A Personalized Item

Plenty of retailers offer items personalized with the recipient’s name, such as blankets, picture frames and jewelry. Consider purchasing one of these items for your daughter and presenting it at an unexpected time. If you want to make the moment even more special, give your daughter a card that includes a heartfelt message or poem written especially for your special girl.

Although gifts are not a substitute for genuine concern and quality time spent together, offering your daughter a “just because” gift will always make her feel special. Simply choose one or more of the gifts above, present it to your daughter and tell her how important she is in your life.


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