5 Facebook Pranks for April Fools’ Day (That Aren’t Too Mean)

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April Fool’s Day is almost here and, once again, pranksters all over the world are preparing to jump at the opportunity to punk their friends.

A few years back, putting glue on co-workers’ pens, or sneaking something into their office drawer were the popular tricks. Today, with the rise of social media networks, sites such as Facebook have become the best place to pull pranks.

If you’re short on ideas this April 1, here are some clever jokes to pull on Facebook.

Relationship status change

So you’ve been single for a while, and no one has seen you go on dates. You’re not the type of person who changes their relationship status often, too. This April first, hit your relationship status to “engaged.” If you’re in a relationship, change your status to “married.” Just make sure your partner knows you’re pulling a prank. Whether in a relationship or not, you’ll absolutely be flooded with notifications!

Tag, you’re it!

Do you have a hidden stash of your friends’ drunken photos? The one when she passed out drunk on the couch back in college – with her saliva down her chin? Well, today’s the day to post that picture, and tag it! If you want the joke to be a bit private, keep the privacy settings limited to certain friends only. No matter how old the photo is, it will truly surprise the victim!

April Fools birthday celebrant

Set your birthday to April 1, and you’ll have a long thread of heartfelt greetings. Although this might possibly anger your friends who were really born on April 1, it’s fun to see how many people have actually wished you a happy birthday.

I like it!

If you really want to mess with a certain friend, “like” all of his posts. If possible, comment on every single post, photo, status change as well. This is best performed in teams. Not only are you scaring the victim into believing you’re his new stalker, he’ll also be wondering why you took so much time and effort to post on their profiles. The result? his notification inbox will be filled up with comments!

Photoshopped photo

Take a photo of yourself and change the background through photoshop before posting it on Facebook. While in reality you’re just at home, your French-inspired background can fool your friends into thinking otherwise. If you’re good at photoshop, you can choose a photo and make yourself look fatter – or slimmer – whatever you want! A lot of friends will be surprised.


Goofing others on Facebook is more fun and less insulting – unless you’re the target! To avoid being the victim, make sure you manage and check your social media profiles regularly with help from sites such as MyLife before your friends pull a fast one on you!

Got any other good ideas?


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