5 Day Spa Treatments for Soft Glowing Skin

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Soft, glowing skin is covetable by most people. There is nothing like that refreshed, unstressed look to bring back your confidence and self-esteem. In fact, having healthy skin promotes a healthy body too. If there is not a direct correlation, the psychological implications of having beautiful skin can promote positivity in many other areas in your life to – you’ll be more motivated and ambitious at work and you’ll be excited to get up in the morning to show your face and flash your smile to the whole world. If you have a significant other, they will be wondering what your secret is. Here are 5 day spa treatments for soft glowing skin.

  1. Body wrap. Body wraps are an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh your skin. After about a 20-minute long body wrap session you will start to notice that glow you have been so desperately after. Wraps usually require a combination of mud, algae, or some other kind of material that is literally wrapped around your face and left for an extended period of time – usually while you are getting your feet rubbed. Wraps are also often less expensive than other treatments.
  2. Stones. Heated stones are another great day spa treatment for soft glowing skin. Heating rocks have been used for centuries to promote wellbeing and good health. A spa will heat special rocks that retain warmth and they will place them on the various pressure points of your body. These might include your forehead, cheekbones and chin. After a certain amount of incredibly relaxing time, you will start to notice that your face is smoother and the skin is more even – you might even notice that some wrinkles are gone too.
  3. Facial. Facials are one of the most common day spa treatments and the most extensive. You will usually meet with an esthetician to determine what some of your goals are. Some people get anti-aging facials to eliminate wrinkles and some people get facials to alleviate stress from work. Either way, a facial can drastically make your face softer and more glowing. A facial usually requires a combination of a face massage, exfoliating rub and then a soothing mask to clear out the pores. Some facials might even be more intense than others – depending on the method used by the esthetician.
  4. Massage. Massages can be an excellent way to refresh the skin and make you look younger and healthier. Whether you are looking for a massage in Lexington or in Fort Lauderdale, doctors, psychologists and researchers say that the benefits of a good massage are far reaching. For instance, massages can release different anti-aging properties in the body that give your skin that glow you have been after.
  5. Steam therapy. Steam can have a magical ability to refresh skin and make it softer and brighter. Steam therapies require either some time spent in a steam sauna or the cosmetologist might use a special steam machine. Steam therapy opens pores and cleans them to eliminate black heads and other damaging properties in the skin. A soothing, cool towel to close the pores and a possible hand or foot rub usually follows steam therapy. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?



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