5 Common Myths About Diabetes Debunked

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DiabetesRising rates of diabetes are alarming for a great many people all over the world, but misinformation and misunderstanding about this condition leads to further negative effects. Many people don’t know how to properly manage their diabetes, and their conditions worsen as a result. Dispel the misinformation as we debunk 5 common myths about diabetes.

  1. Diabetes is Caused by Eating Too Much Sugar
    The connection between sugar and diabetes is undeniable, but it is a fallacy to assume that excessively sugary diets are the cause of diabetes. This myth leads to feelings of guilt in many patients who assume that they’ve caused their own conditions. While too much refined sugar in your diet is not healthy, it is not the sole cause of diabetes. Excessive sugar does contribute to weight gain and increase the risk of diabetes, but this condition is influenced by a number of different genetic and lifestyle factors.
  2. Special Diets are Necessary for Diabetics
    A healthy diet is healthy for anybody, and diabetics do not need to follow specific dietary restrictions in order to be healthy. The foods most widely recommended for diabetics are the same foods that make up the foundation of any healthy diet. Whole grains are essential staples in any healthy meal plan, as are vegetables, fruits and good sources of lean protein. The ideal diet for a diabetic is wholesome and nutritious, with controlled amounts of fat, sodium and sugar. There is nothing special or odd about a diet like this, and gimmicky commercial diets are best avoided.
  3. Diabetics Don’t Need to Exercise
    Many people struggling with diabetes assume that their food intake is the only thing that they should be worrying about. Some even believe that exercise is dangerous. In fact, the opposite is true in most cases. A healthy exercise regimen is extremely beneficial for diabetics, as it helps to control body weight and regulate metabolism. Overweight patients who have not been active for long periods of time should consult with their doctors and transition into exercise routines slowly, but all diabetics should consider exercise an important part of their treatment.
  4. Only People with Diabetes Need Insulin
    People tend not to think about insulin except in the context of diabetes, leading them to believe that insulin is solely a diabetic’s concern. Again, this myth is pure fallacy. Everyone in the world needs insulin in their bodies. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, and it is used by the body to convert food into energy. People with diabetes have trouble producing this hormone, which is the reason that insulin injections are often necessary. However, no one in the world can live a healthy life without this chemical.
  5. Diabetes is a Condition with No Hope
    This myth is just a bit too dramatic. While diabetes is a long term condition with no known cure that can have nasty complications, it can be managed with proper treatment. A healthy diet and exercise regimen combined with Celebrate vitamins to ensure proper nutrition ensures a long and healthy life. Diabetics can live active and fulfilling lives just like any other person, it spite of their condition. Don’t lose hope if you’re diagnosed with diabetes; this condition does not have to rule your life or dictate your fate.

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