5 Awesome Facts about the Mario Games

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super mario bros gamesIt’s hard to believe that the world’s most famous cartoon character and the mascot of Nintendo is a mere plumber. Mario is the protagonist of a video game franchise developed by Nintendo and inspired from extremely successful television series Super Mario developed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario first appeared in the Donkey Kong series in 1981, and since then fans all over the world have reveled in the awesomeness of this interesting super hero. If you don’t know much about him, then it is time for us to educate you.

The Character:

In most video-games, Mario has no distinct personality. The developers considered that it is easier to fit him in many roles if he doesn’t have any unusual traits. Moreover, in most story-lines, his main objective is to rescue princess Peach. His original appearance (which remained the same throughout the years) was that of red overalls, a blue shirt, a prominent mustache and a plumber’s hat.

The Superpowers:

Mario’s trademark superpowers are jumping and stomping on enemies and mushrooms. He also has the power to change his size depending on the situation. But it is not only the personal skills that are interesting. If he eats items like super mushrooms or flowers he can also obtain a boost in abilities.

Mario Bros.

After Donkey Kong 2, Mario got a starring role in the Mario Bros Games. In this game, Mario plays the role of a New York street plumber who fights in the sewers of the city in order to kill unusual monsters. The notable feature of the game is that for the first time, the protagonist can use the ceilings in order to stun enemies and collect prizes.

Super Mario Series

The Mario Series were undoubtedly a great success, but it is in the Super Mario Bros Games that the famous plumber obtained world-wide popularity. In case you didn’t know, Mario comes from a fantasy realm called the Mushroom Kingdom. Although the story didn’t change much (Mario has to save Princess Toadstool from the King of Koopas), the game logistics change significantly. It is for the first time that Koopas can be stunned and Goombas killed. Moreover, it is also the first time that Mario can grow from Small Mario to Super Mario.

Super Mario Galaxy

Before Super Mario Galaxy came Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, but it is in this game edition that the main character receives new super powers like the star spin. Peach (previously known as Princess Toadstool) is still the main objective for Mario, but this time he also has to recover the Power Stars.

There are tons of Mario Games, and all of them are cool in their own way. From the 2d pixelated games developed in 1985, to the latest 3D versions available on play stations. There are also a lot of Mario browser games for fans all over the world.


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