5 Arguments for The Usefulness of Brain Games

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brain games for adultsSales pitches like „your brain will thank you” or „discover how far you can stretch your brain” are quite amusing and elusive, but they don’t answer the question „Do brain games really work?” According to recent studies, they actually do. They don’t necessarily make you smarter, but they can help you improve cognitive and memory skills. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of brain games:

  1. If you have e problem remembering things, like where you put your cellphone, keys, remembering names or numbers, you might actually find this type of game useful. This is because a lot of mind games work with the memory, and by repeating sessions and stages in it, you will learn how to „train” your brain.
  2. It is common knowledge, that the brain needs to be constantly challenged. This is why we study so many years, and why we try so hard at work. But after a while, especially when we retire, we have the tendency of neglecting the brain’s needs. What we don’t know is that healthy brains help people live longer. As a result, we should always look for something that will help us keep our brains younger. Why not try some mathematics, memory or logical brain games for adults? The good news is that there are literally hundreds of free games online.
  3. The most appreciated mind games are the ones which have to do with memory, because they can help enhance retainment. Moreover, in time you will find that it is easier to keep in mind certain information which might prove useful in the future. Memory games are also very fun.
  4. Scientists have proved that mental stimulation has a lot of beneficial effects on the human body and psychic. Not only does a healthy mind prevent the apparition of mental diseases, but it also has the capacity to store more information, concentrate easier and analyze faster. In this regard there are several concentration games which will enhance your focus, and also logical games, which will help improve your rational skills.
  5. Clear IMPACT has proved that by training our cognitive abilities, our sensory input structure will also significantly improve. Brain games are an excellent alternative to studying or reading, because they make use of colors, images and they are also interactive. According to Sherry Willis and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University, brain exercises which have to do with training new languages or translating will ensure long-lasting improvements.

All in all, the usefulness of brain games has always been a matter of discussion, but according to over 50 studies conducted by specialized doctors, there are unquestionable benefits which can also be applied in real life.


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